Blog Look Reviews – Picking Up The Pieces/Seasons Memories

Welcome to BLR! In this post I’ll be doing Picking Up The Pieces and Seasons Memories! Lets start with Picking Up The Pieces~ (Doing 2 in one post to reduce a bunch of posts) Please note that I’ll be strict and honest about my opinion.

~Picking Up The Pieces~

Link –

1.) Widgets – 4/10

Your divider image is a bit too big, or well the image size I’d suggest changing it. You don’t exactly need 2/3 of the widgets you have, those are more extra. I’d suggest adding a follow button by email/wordpress. You could also add a views widget.

2.) Pages – 6/10

You could move Contact under About, or get rid of the Contact page completely and add the information in about. I’d suggest adding more pages to your blog.

3.) Appearance – 6/10

In my opinion I’m not a big fan of the way your blog looks, I’d suggest changing the way it looks. Your background could actually distract some viewers, and your header is a bit plain for my tastes.

4.) Logo/Theme – 6/10

Hmm your logo is a bit eh, maybe you could do a more solid logo. Your blog theme is fine, and your blog theme is black/white but its okay.

5.) Extra – 5.5/10

You could add a sticky post to make your blog look more organized and your sub-title doesn’t tell me much about your blog so I can’t exactly figure out the main topic of your blog :/

Overall Score – 5.5/10

~Seasons Memories~

Link –

1.) Widgets – 8/10

Almost all of your widgets are useful! I’d suggest organizing your widgets like for example you could move Archive under the follow widgets! Other then that its good, and if you want you can add dividers!

2.) Pages – 8/10

I really like all your pages, but I’d suggest making a few more pages. Your pages are organized though, so its nice 🙂

3.) Appearance – 8/10

Your header is really pretty and the background matches well with it! You have a good blog appearance.

4.) Logo/Theme – 8/10

Not alot of bloggers in our community have your theme, but your theme is really organized in my opinion! Your blog also doesn’t have a logo, unless I count the icon you see 😛

Overall Score – 8/10

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16 thoughts on “Blog Look Reviews – Picking Up The Pieces/Seasons Memories

  1. Can you review my blog? Ignore th content of my pages cos I haven’t written in them but u can still review some of them :/

  2. //dude
    moon uses the Yoko theme and it use to be like the super popular theme everyone uses until penscratch and that other theme was released LOL
    //but her blog is amazing and so pretty and relaxing ;u;

      1. lol nah
        as long as you like the look it should be fine ;u;
        we are all mainstream trash here

      1. I’m kidding xD would you be willing to review it again after I change it. Hontesly its my fault I was messing with the look before you were going to review it xD

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