Blog Look Reviews – Hibiscuspanda/Frapputato

Welcome back to BLR! Today we, aka me and my stuffy will be review Hibiscuspanda and Frapputato in this post! Lets start~


Link –

1.) Widgets – 8/10

You have the right widgets but some of them aren’t in the right place. For example I’d move your blog stats and the follow button at the top, also add the follow button with email. Its nice how you used dividers to divide your sections 🙂

2.) Pages – 6.5/10

Your pages are pretty cool to go on but you only have 7 pages including the sub-pages so I’d suggest adding more pages.

3.) Appearance – 8/10

I like your blog appearance! (not to mention I made the header lmao) I like the way your blog looks, its nice!

4.) Logo/Theme – 8/10

Your logo is cute, but it can actually make your blog lag since its animated, but its nice. Even though your blog theme is pink you make it work! I like it 🙂

5.) Extra – 8/10

You have a sticky post which makes your blog more organized and I like how you put dividers in your sticky post to divide the sections 🙂

Overall Score – 7.5/10


Link –

1.) Widgets – 8/10

You have the right widgets but you could organize them like for example I’d put the blog views and follow button near the top but other then that its nice!

2.) Pages – 7/10

I like your pages, its fun to go on but I’d suggest adding more pages! Well basically it seems like there are less pages when you have alot, so I guess making you can move around some of your sub-pages?

3.) Appearance – 8/10

It would seem like a black and white theme would be plain but yours comes out really well! Your header is simple (or aesthetic in this case) and it looks good! The background matches well too!

4.) Logo/Theme – 8/10

I like it how your logo is the same picture from your header! It matches it well!

5.) Extra – 8/10

I like it how your sticky post is short but cute (in a way)! It makes your blog stand out more!

Overall Score – 7.8/10

Next Blogs will be done tomorrow!


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