[Rant] Read If You Want To Part 2

Wow I’m back to the same person. If you want to read part one click here

She asked me about a blog header she made, I honestly don’t feel like talking about blogging with her, but all she talks about is mainly Fantage which can get annoying right? I replied with an ‘IDK’

I’ll just narrate our conversation.

Her: You don’t know if you like it or not?

Me: I won’t say if I like it or not. Ask. Your. Followers.

I tried sounding a bit rude hoping she’d get that I’m upset with her //sighs//

I’m not even looking at the conversation while I’m writing this lmao, I just remember the conversation.

Her: Why do I have to ask my followers about everything but you can’t say anything to me anymore? I’m asking if you like it not my followers -.-

So then I ask her something. I asked if she ever felt I’m upset with her. She said quite often because recently when she tells me something I say ask her followers.

So then I tell her something.

Me: I use to follow your blog right?

Her: Wait… U don’t?

Me: You don’t follow mine.

I wouldn’t really mind that much if it was just a random follower I’ve never talked to/who isn’t my friend. But she’s a friend I know in real life.

Her: You post alot of spam, and I’m not really interested in k-pop

Me: OH I don’t spam anymore (come on spam is like less then 100 words in a post people), people change -.-

Her: Oki, but I still not into k-pop lol

Me: Okay and I’m not into editing and yet I still followed your blog
Cause your my friend
Ahem ahem
Best friend
cough cough
Her: Oki i get it but when i did follow u were spamming so i unfollowed.

Haha this means she unfollowed in September…. O_O

Me:  Its not nice to unfollow your best friends blog
Its rude
I unfollowed you
Cause you unfollowed me

She starts to say she doesn’t find it rude if she unfollowed my blog, or I unfollowed hers because its hers/my choice

Me: =_=
It is rude, you were following a blog and you know this person irl. I even helped advertise your blog _. I’m kinda disappointed you know.

This is why I feel none of my friends understand me. Well only maybe one friend who is a blogger since shes had a personal situation similar to mine.

She said the same thing as last time, that she can choose to follow whoever she wishes and if I’m not interested then I don’t have to.

=_= I followed you cause your my friend, I liked your posts cause your my friend, I read your posts cause your my friend. I thought you’d understand how I felt

She says the same thing.

Me: I thought you’d understand me. Anyways wanna talk about something else?

She said shes editing. I said I’m an amazing editor that uses MS Paint, and she said I said I wasn’t interested in editing. She even screenshot it. I meant posts about editing, she said I never said that but I replied saying I didn’t think I had to say it specifically but I’m also a clueless person. (My mom will be pointing at one spot and I’ll be looking somewhere else lmao)

Well yup thats our convo. I feel stupid constantly checking her blog each day, bravo Yuki.





64 thoughts on “[Rant] Read If You Want To Part 2

      1. ohhh yeah I know what you mean =_=
        so much drama lol
        anyway hope you guys make up or just ditch her is she’s being a prick idk

      2. no offense but personally i don’t think it’s worth it
        idk about you but for me, if something causes too much trouble for me and is pretty unreasonable I tend to just get red of it…

  1. She is part right, on you could follow whoever you want to, but you are also right on that you guys are friends, and you should support each other in each and every way. It was rude of her to unfollow you out of the blue.
    Even if you are “friends”, you should stop checking her blog. Don’t try to waste your time on people who don’t give their time for you. 😛

  2. Tell her my exact words.
    “I am not your follower. I don’t look at your blog. You don’t need my opinion because I don’t look at your blog. I don’t read your post, I don’t follow it. And why should I pay attention to your blog if you don’t pay attention to mine?”
    If I were you I would tell her straight up and not care what she says. I would plainly leave her on read. But you aren’t like me so yea.

  3. I think you’re being a little too hard on her.
    Maybe she just doesn’t like k-pop and she didn’t tell her bf because she didn’t want to offend you.
    Maybe she was actually sad that you replied with,”Ask your followers.”
    Maybe she thought she was being a good friend in her own little way, while you were being a prick and being mean to her and unfollowing her and arguing.
    Just saying. She was wrong in many aspects, but still, chat with her.

    1. No I still chat with her, the thing is the topic she always talks about is the same. Fantage or Anime Soundtracks or her edits. Its annoying if thats all a person talks about. Lol I know she doesn’t like K-POP, but it is rude to unfollow someone you’ve known for a long long time

  4. -.- I strongly feel like she should listen to you. First, if you’re not a follower then she shouldn’t be asking you about how her blog looks. Second, if she only unfollowed you because of spam and you say you’re done spamming, then she should follow again… ya know, cuz that’s the only reason she unfollowed… Third, yeah she can follow and unfollow whomever she wants, but you’re irl friends, and I think she should talk it out with you and actually listen to reasoning..

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