Facts About Me + Reminder

So before I start there is a reminder that the last day to vote for the Winter Blogger Awards is on January 4th so you can go vote if you already haven’t by clicking here!

I thought about telling you simple facts about me so I’ll be doing that right now!

Favourite Food – Chicken, Meat, Sushi, Seafood, Kimchi, Steak, Kabab, Salad, Noodles 

Favourite Colours – Black, Blue, Purple, White, Red (mainly the first four)

Favourite Snacks – Pocky, Chocolate, Samosa, Chips, Yogurt (Vanilla is so good), Kimchi (is a snack I guess)

Favourite Drinks – Sprite, Mango Lassi, Smoothies, 

Favourite Types Of Food – Japanese Food 

Favourite Pets – Cats, Dogs 

Favourite Song (January 1st, 2016) – Lightsaber by EXO, Zutter by GD&TOP, 

Favourite Shoe Brand – Converse

Favourite Season – Winter

Favourite Weather – A Light Snowy Day

Favourite Movie Gerne – Romance, Action, Adventure, Comedy

Dream Vacation – Tokyo, Japan

Dream Place To Live – Seoul, Korea




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