[Rant] Read, If You Want To

I’m sorry I can’t come up with nice titles like everyone else, sorry (teehee) and sorry for ranting, I should keep things positive.

But you guys might not be able to relate to this, but I know a ___ (if you know who this is please don’t go telling people) and its funny. We once got into an argument because she kept saying stuff like ‘she had more views’ and ‘her blog is better’ when she just made a blog at that time. So we technically got into a huge argument that ended our friendship (imagine being friends since kindergarten) and then we become bff’s again some point later, I think it was a month or two weeks later.

At that time I don’t know what I was thinking but now if we ever bring it up apparently it wasn’t my fault.

Oh did you know I use to work on this blog?  Yeah I helped her set her new url up, taught her about some stuff and yeah. She deleted me, I didn’t mind that much but I did ask her about it.

When I found out she unfollowed (we don’t live near each other so we talk on hangouts) I actually told her shes like ‘oh I didn’t know’ and I think I kept giving her ‘//claps//’ at the end of my sentences but being the nice (and impatient) person I am I didn’t keep asking.

I unfollowed her later but I still actually look at her blog. Why?

1.) She asks me to look at her blog and tell her what I think.

2.) I go on it for reasons unknown.

I once asked her to go on my blog and she said


I said: “I’d be happy with 1 view. You have alot too.”

And then she replies. “But not alot like yours.

Conversation ended.

Now TODAY I brought the ‘//claps//’ thing again. How? Well I asked her if she knew who ‘__’ was. She said she didn’t know who that was so I gave her the link. She’s like ‘wow I really like this blog’ so I replied with ‘wow, you unfollow your friend but you follow a negative blog //claps//’

Yup totally. Here you go, part of our amazing convo:


I don’t know why I’m upset. If your reading this friend, hi //waves//


yukie exo


New Signout. Cause Baekhyun (EXO) is too cute >/<



44 thoughts on “[Rant] Read, If You Want To

  1. I’m not defending anyone or taking sides but there was a WordPress glitch . I never unfollowed blogs but sometimes wordpress did it on its own so maybe that could be it.

  2. … Sooo… she unfollowed your blog for no reason and then asked you to follow her blog because you’re friends?? I feel like there’s a bit of hypocrisy there. o.o

      1. Oh, I see now. I think I know what blog you’re talking about, but I’m not quite sure. :\ Uhh.. but I still find it a little hypocritical that she asks you to look at her blog if she’s not even following yours.

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