That Dancing Moment

That dancing moment your freestyle to a song and you find your inner skill for dance.

Yup, me right now. I’ve found my inner skill in dance, the part in music I’ve thought I was always lacking in.

I put on EXO – Lightsaber (a great dance song btw) and I have no clue why but a part of me was telling me to dance to the song (I was working on a art project, which I’ll finish tomorrow now) and I was looking at my reflection in the window and I actually did pretty well in my opinion!

I’ve always thought I was a bad dancer unless it was choreographed dancing. But now I think I’m a pretty good dancer, but it honestly probably depends on the song. Like for example for this song I think I danced the song better then when I sang it, its like it depends. But then for a different song, like for example for the song ‘Love The Way You Lie’ by Eminen ft Rihanna, I think I can rap Eminen’s part pretty well unlike the singing (which I will forever be slowing improving on)

It really depends on the song, the song will be the judge of your whole performance. If you wanna dance do a Dance Song do something like EXO – Lightsaber, if you wanna sing do a Ballad for example Adele – Someone Like You and if you wanna rap then just do an Eminen song 😉



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