Can’t I Rant Too?

*Warning this post is a rant and a somewhat emotional post  and was poorly written on a mobile device please read at your own risk XD*

I’m just going to say what’s at the top of my head at this moment. It’s funny how you think your one thing while people think your something else. Of course I know I’m a fangirl, a major fangirl indeed. I know I’m a spammer, a spammer who’s lost their ways of spamming with posts unless they suddenly have a bunch of ideas.

But is that all you think I am? I’ve never heard the words ‘I like your blog alot.’ Okay I have but that person did that all for attention. To the point I wanna just call them out and make them realize their mistake. But I’m not that kind of person

Yes I can be mean I times, when I’m mean it’s usually when I’m protecting something or someone. When I’m kind it’s when I’m as happy as a dragon, even though it’s not most of the time I act like that most of the time just so the people around me are happy.

I wonder why people use someone else’s name in their post when they know that person will end up feeling bad.

I wonder how you all react to my posts. Half of the time I doubt the majority of you even read my posts, heck it’s because all you think I do in my posts is probably spam you with a post or write some fangirling.

I sometimes wonder how you’d feel in a quit, it wouldn’t effect your daily blogging life at all most likely, you’d just continue on with life even forgetting about a blogger named Yuki-Chan.

I sometimes wonder if I make you smile with my posts or if my posts hold no meaning to you.

I sometimes wonder if doubt my abilities of blogging, if I’m just a newbie who spams. Which I’m not.

I sometimes wonder if anyone knew how happy I felt when you complemented me or made my day.

Many thought linger through my head on you all, way to many. So please to all of you who try to gain more followers or are simply attention seekers stop. Your going to gain hate, more hate then you’ll think.

Heck some bloggers might be hating on me right now as I write this post but it’s the good things that count not the bad.

So I ask you again stop

I’m not afraid to confront any of you directly I just don’t want to hurt you or your feelings in any possible way I’m nicer then you think.



37 thoughts on “Can’t I Rant Too?

  1. I don’t like your blog, I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU!!!
    It’s not right that people are hatin’ on you. Haters gonna hate, but eh, who cares bout them?
    I read your posts all the time, and I love them!! Don’t stop spamming girl, you’re perfect!
    Dude, if you quit, I would go into major depression, and it would not only affect my blogging, but it will affect my real life too, yo. I would post daily of constant moping and asking people to help me convince you to come back. (Don’t try it just to test whether I will or not, cuz I don’t want you to go away.)
    I smile every time I read your posts! Seriously, if you don’t post at all and you don’t respond to anything, I get worried! Bae, don’t leave meeeee.
    You’re an AMAZING blogger, who holds more talents than most! You make my day with your comments and your posts, and I probably would have never made it this far without your support, and many others. You are a HUGE part of my blogging family!
    Yuki~chan, I almost cried reading this, seriously. These words cannot be more true. We all love you, and, I’ll be brutally blunt about this, attention-seekers and haters have no place in our family. NEVER LEAVE USSSS!!! YOU’VE GOT TOO MUCH $WAG.

  2. (I’m being 101% honest)
    If you quit, I’d literally sit in my room in complete darkness. You’re the blogger that I talk to the most (sorry everyone that’s reading this, but it’s true) and you understand my feelings. When I’m bored, I go on your blog and read our story, and your parts make me smile. If you receive haters, just know, AND REMEMBER, that they’re just people who wanna be you, people who want your popularity, they’re attention whores for god sake (I had to let that out of me)!

  3. Haters gonna hate.
    Shake it off, shake it off~
    If you know you’re a great person at heart, then you are. You know you’re doing what you love (blogging, fangirling, spamming) so if people like it, good! If they don’t like it, fine!
    I (personally) read every single post, because if the author actually took the time to write a post, then it’s worth reading. Some people just don’t have anything to say, or just don’t want to comment, it doesn’t mean people don’t read/like your posts.
    Keep blogging and ignore those good-for-nothing haters.

  4. Yuki, stop the rant right now…
    you know that ur blog is amazing, I know that too and so does panda and annabeth…just bcuz some ppl are jealous or hate u, u don’t have to make urself feel bad…I AM GONG TO COPY ANNABETH’S AND PANDA’S WORDS…they r TRUE! U can’t just leave us….if a leaf leaves a tree, u may not count it as musch, but every leaf counts, that’s what makes a tree…U leaving may not drop one, but maybe 9 leaves…

  5. Yuki people may or may not read your posts and to be honest sometimes I don’t read them I’m sorry but its really rare that I don’t read and the times I don’t I start reading and then something happens and I have to get off my phone. But while some people may think may think of you as a fangirl or spammer everyone always thinks of you as a good friend. On my rant post people were sayimg they tag you for stuff cause of your spamming but I don’t know if you read all of it, they knew by your spamming that your active and can reley on you but also they were saying they tag you because your a great friend. I know how you feel because the rant post I made is how I have felt my whole time blogging

    1. Oh my… Thanks Crlstle and I’ll be sure to tag you alot! I don’t want you to continue feeling left out your apart of the blogging family Crlstle. It wouldn’t be good if a member of the family was feeling sad about something, so be ready to get tagged a lot 🙂

  6. Yuki-Chan you are one of my best blogging friends. And honestly, I don’t have many. I don’t want to weird you out, but I look up to you. You are always so nice and upbeat, and you remind me of the person I want to be.
    If you quit, I would be devastated. End of story.

  7. Who is hating on my sister? *holds up bat* and I do read your whole post. But sometimes i just freak out and comment random stuff before I read the whole post out. And you blog ish awesome. It better than mine. I mean, your blog is way more organized and more sexy. >.<

    Fangirling is nothing to be ashamed of and they clearly dont understand how much your faves mean to you
    Spamming is actually better than once a day. If everyone only posted once, then WordPress would be sooo boring
    We love you Yuki ♥

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