New Blog Look

newlook1 newlook2

My blog looks way different, its sorta a pink theme. I’ll sum up the look (not including the background)

butterflyyyLOGO: I choose a butterfly logo. This logo stands out from the which gives it a unique look ^-^



Header: Kindly made by Ameee, this header is a light pink grid theme, which made the whole blog have this theme 🙂

newlook2The divider is a pink divider which matches the whole theme 🙂



The music is just an arrangement of some songs I like 🙂 I choose Zutter by GD&TOP as the first song since the last video I did on YouTube was ‘Zutter’ (I posted about it earlier) so that just relates 🙂

Tell me what you think about the new theme in the comments below



19 thoughts on “New Blog Look

      1. btw Yuki; for the contest thing on Fantage Spy, can you please check our page because I need more opinions and help on how to change some things..

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