Delicious Dinner

I was outside half of the day. I went to watch Dilwale (A Hindi Movie) people said it was a 20year reunion movie for Kajal and Shah Rukh Khan after their big hit for their movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Apparently the movie is still in theaters :O

Well after that I went grocery shopping and came home at like 8:10pm

Me and my mom bought this white chocolate cake for $5, so we ate that.

But you know what the amazing part was?

I GOT FISH FOR DINNER!!! Its been since August since I’ve had fish, I’m really happy! Well I had Fish with Noodles as a side dish 😀

I’m sorry for making you all jealous of my amazing dinner, if you like fish that is (:P)

That was actually a good time to use ‘:P’ in a sentence, I am so proud of myself 😀

I don’t even know what type of fish I ate, well here is a picture of salmon fish if your hungry 😉




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