New Author Q&A!

Hello everyone! How is your day going? Mine (so far), is doing good! Now, that we all know that I’m the new author here, why not do a Q&A, to get to know me more!

If you have any questions, comment below, and I’ll answer them❤️ (There is no limit of questions! But please don’t give me 1,000,000 questions)




24 thoughts on “New Author Q&A!

      1. Favourite Colour
        Favourite Food
        Favourite comment ever made
        Favourite comment ever seen
        Favourite book
        Favourite song
        Favourite girls group
        Favourite non-kpop artists
        Favourite day
        Your life in three words
        Cute or Pretty
        Ice Cream or Bubble Tea (kills self)
        KitKats or Snow

      2. Pink
        Anything with Kimchi
        Hmmm… I have to say one comment on our story, and one I roasted some one on my blog
        Any comment that compliments me XD
        The DUFF
        So many.
        Twice, Miss A, Sistar, 4Minute, red velvet, EXID, and sistar
        Hailey Steinfeild
        Crazy, fun, interesting
        Bubble tea with ice cream? *le smirks*
        KitKats! I hate snow… I have a long story and why I hate snow XD

      3. If you could change your name to anything what would it be
        Favourite GOT7 song
        Favourite BIG BANG song
        Favourite BTS song
        Last song you listen to?
        Squad song?
        Favourite type of phone
        Favourite member from GOT7? XD
        Favourite SISTAR member
        Favourite SNSD member

      4. An English name… My darn name means Michael =•=
        Just Right (really catchy!)
        Fantastic Baby
        Crow Tit
        Bulletproof pt. 2 and Dope
        iPhone ^•^
        SOYOU BAE!!

      1. Okay, since I’m bored too :P.
        1. Who is your favourite member in BTS?
        2. Did you watch Sword Art Online? (Totally worth watching (✧ω✧))
        3. Top country you want to visit?
        4. Do you like Exo?
        5. When is your birthday?

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