Vote, Vote, Vote! Winter Blogger Awards 2015-2016

You have until January 4th to vote, so until school starts! Here are the categories, fill in the spaces!

1.) Funniest Blogger

2.) Most Active Blogger

3.) Most Food Obsessed Blogger

4.) Creative Blogger

5.) Most Hard-Working Blogger

6.) Lazy Blogger

7.) “Will Write A Book” Blogger

8.) “Will Make Millions Some Day” Blogger

9.) “Will Be Famous” Blogger

10.) Most Music Obsessed Blogger

11.) Best Fangirl Blogger

12.) Most Fantage Obsessed Blogger

13.) The Self-Claimed ‘Loner’ Blogger

14.) The “I’ve Had To Much Candy” Blogger

15.) The “Otaku” Blogger

16.) The “Weeaboo” Blogger

17.) Most Useful Blog

18.) Most Fun Blog To Go On

19.) Favourite Blog

20.) The “Spam” Blog

Now vote in the comments!!


Wanna comment? Well then comment away!

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