BTS : Run, Prologue, I Need U And DOPE Theory

Before we start if you haven’t already watch these videos below so you understand whats going on.

My theory is that instead of everyone but Jin and V dying its Jin who died.

In I Need U its after Jin died, and the scenes that play for the 6 members happen from their view while in Jin’s case hes dressed in white in a white room and hes about to go to heaven and leave the 6 behind.

But the 6 don’t know what to do. They choose death as their answer, trying to kill themselves.

J-Hope tries to overdose himself, he tries to commit suicide.

RapMon goes to work, trying to act as if nothing ever happened, going back to a daily lifestyle.

Jimin tries to commit suicide by drowning himself.

Suga tries to burn his room/house down, trying to kill himself.

Jungkook also tries to forget about what happened and takes a stroll at night (ending up getting beaten up)

And next is V. V tries to go to his parents, for support after the loss of his best friend but he sees his father abusing his and he takes his pain out on his father, killing him.

And then when the boys are sleeping it shows that they try and forget what happened, about Jin dying. And everything that just happened was a dream. Except for J-Hope and V. And the parts with Jin and the 6 were just memories of them together.

In the Prologue its Jin memories of the time spent with BTS, its the last moments of his life. But Jin realizes that the place is unreal, almost as if hes in heaven. But this is when hes close to being dead.

When V jumps, its when he killed his father, the exact moment V jumped in I Need U is when he killed his father.

Then after when Jin saw the Polaroid he took with Suga, and Suga wasn’t there. Jin realizes that hes about to die, that everything that happened in Prologue wasn’t real, it was what he wanted to happen, almost as if it was a dream he wanted to come true.

In Run is when the 6 boys start committing crimes, doing bad stuff, not even caring if they get caught (like how RapMon and V got caught) because of Jin’s death. It’s like Jin was the hold that put them together.

And when V was in the water, the way he was drowning, his body movements, it shows the 6 boys emotions. And why V was the only one drowning? Cause V killing his father is one of the crimes he did in Run, its something that happened after Jin’s death, and from all the guys, he committed the worst crime.

When the card tower knocked down, Jin, the way his head was a reality check for him. He reacted the same way as in the Prologue when Jin was looking around. Jin has to keep realizing that everything with him and the boys right now is not real. He realizes the all the bad things the the 6 are doing, why the 6 are running, why everything bad has happened is because of him (when you saw him staring after the card tower fell)

But the 6 become closer with each other after Jin’s death.

J-Hope and Jimin become closer after Jimin was the one who brought J-Hope to the hospital after he collapsed. They became closer, both still feeling depressed, try to work their way out of it together, making a close bond. (There were many Jimin and J-Hope moments together) Even in the Prologue J-Hope put a blanket over Jimin, showing us their close relationship.

Suga and Jungkook became closer like how in Run, Jungkook was the one trying to stop Suga after Suga was going out of control and in the Prologue there were many Suga/Jungkook moments to the point most of us thought they were in love.

Then comes V and RapMonster. The two had also become closer. They committed crimes together in Run, they ran together in Run too. In the Prologue they had alot of moments together too like when they were both lying down together and when V was on that mattress is was RapMon who woke him/got him up.

Jin was only watching them the whole time, not being able to do anything. His soul was with the 6 boys the whole time, even when the boys ran.

When the boys were running from all the cars in the video when all of us thought that Jin was driving, it was RapMon just like in the Prologue RapMon drove and if you look closely in the truck their were five people.

Jungkook was the one who realized first that everything they are doing is wrong, that they should stop, that Jin is dead. That scene between Jungkook and Suga proves it, but Suga wouldn’t listen to Jungkook, not accepting Jin’s death Suga going out of control. Jungkook tries his best to make Suga listen to what hes saying, but Suga wont listen causing Jungkook to punch Suga, and when Suga breaks the mirror Jungkook starts to realize what they are doing after Jin’s death.

While everyone was partying it was only Jungkook who was sitting down thinking about everything that happened, it was Jungkook who had all these thoughts going down his head about Jin’s death and their behavior after his death. Jungkook accepts Jin’s death.

Jimin also realized Jin’s death but he didn’t believe it like in I Need U the Polaroid he took with BTS didn’t include Jin. He burned it to keep is belief that Jin didn’t die.

DOPE is basically a brighter side of I Need U/Bits of Run.

In DOPE Jungkook is a police officer, because Jungkook first realized that everything he did after Jin’s death was bad, he was a police officer to stop the crimes. And it also links to Run and I Need U when Jungkook looked at the car in Run and Jungkook got hit by a car in I Need U.

Jin is a doctor because of his death, he doesn’t want those to feel pained or burdened (like how he burdened BTS in a way after his death) so he wants to save people from death (like how he died)

Jimin is a writer so he could write away the feeling of his depression and make books where dreams can be real, and books about the brighter and better possibility (like how Jimin realized that Jin died but ignored the fact)

Suga is in the marine force of the army. In I Need U he tried to kill himself with fire, and what repels fire? Whats the opposite of fire? Water, he choose water to repel the fire and the fire represents his anger and depression after Jin’s death.

V is a detective who solves cases right? Well in I Need U he murdered his father, and with murders comes witnesses and in that case it was his sister. All of this links to a mystery on why V killed his father since of course his sister probably wont speak up. Mystery/Murder = Cases and Cases are for detectives (I hope this makes sense)

J-Hope is a race car driver/motorcyclist because in I Need U/Run J-Hope collapsed on a highway and highways have cars!! It relates to J-Hope trying to kill himself with overdose later as I said collapsing,

Rap Monster wanted to have a normal lifestyle after Jin’s death like how in I Need U he was a worker at a gas station. So for a normal Korean all men are required to help out in the army once so this links to I Need U.

Here is a video that explains this (except DOPE)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Woah, a long over 1000 word post. Does your theories link to my theory? Comment below!


9 thoughts on “BTS : Run, Prologue, I Need U And DOPE Theory

  1. this was such a good theory
    BTS should just tell us what their theory is already !! uggh !!
    i’ve read so many theories and they all seem to make sense !

  2. J-Hope keeps on basically doing drugs and overdoses right? So what if J-Hope is a racecar driver in Dope because driving at high speeds and competing in that environment gives a similar adrenaline feel as when you’re on (certain) drugs??
    Or if the drugs he’s on I Need U give him a kinda high, with a slower heart rate and whatnot, the racecar driver thing would be the complete opposite?

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