Last Day Of School!

Hey Dreamers! OMG I haven’t called you that since… Well I’m not sure *embarrassed fantagian action* but anyhow today we didn’t do any learning!

Main Class – In my main class all we did was work on our art-like projects! It was really fun since we were talking at the same time ^^

Math – In Math we had a game competition on Run! It was super fun! Yesterday he gave us Timbits!!! If you don’t know what that is then look at this picture:

Delicious looking right? I just realized I could have said its the donut hole, lol.

Art: OMG MY FAVOURITE CLASS OF THE DAY! We had a free period (lol, so mature Yuki) and we were just drawing and playing a game called M.A.S.H!

French: In French we were finishing up the presentations but that was also fun! One of the groups were really funny!! ^^

I don’t actually remember if I had any other classes but I’m pretty sure I didn’t (lol, I hope I don’t have memory loss… Jk)

So that was my day! How was yours?



21 thoughts on “Last Day Of School!

      1. I just don’t understand! Also, I have to work on Monday as well as TKD and a bunch of other stuff this week. Wifey (Mom) and I haven’t even finished Christmas shopping yet.

  1. Sounds good! 🙂 I had French (we did some work), art (YASS!), English (CHRISTMAS MOVIE), and history (GAME). I received candy canes, and delicious chocolates :). During dinner, I got free pop corn. It was very fun!

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