School Dance & Christmas Concert

So I got back from school and for a few periods we had a school dance!!! It was really fun, it was awesome or should I say; Daebak.

I was dancing with a group of girls (aka a squad) and then two of my friends from a Girls Club I go to starting dragging me away XD And after a while I got rid of them… Okay I’m just joking I lost them and then found this other friend from my class and we started dancing a bit until I found the group I was originally with. Insert “I WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!! WHERE WERE YOU??” from one of my friends in the group cause thats what happened.

Then we started dancing, and lets just say a bunch of songs had swearing (like not just the ‘s’ word, the ‘b’, ‘f’, you know what I mean) but it was really fun!! There were songs from Rihanna, Drake, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendas, R.City & Adam Levine, Major Lazer & DJ Snake, OMI and other artists too!

I”m not tired but more like dehydrated, since we were dancing nonstop for two hours.

We also had a Christmas Concert at the beginning of the day; it wasn’t as fun but my favourite part was when the Extended French class was singing their song, it was really cool!

To sum up the day we only had one period of learning, before we did the Christmas Concert we were at the lab playing games on the computer since our teacher was in the first concert (there were two)

So yeah ❤



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