IntroStep Episode 5 : TWICE


Annyeong!! Its your host, Yuki-Chan and today we will be talking about JYP’s new girls group TWICE as suggested by Panda! So lets start introducing the 9 gorgeous members!

1.) Jihyo (Leader)


Fabulous Leader, Awesome Red Hair

Name –  Park Jisoo

Birthday – February 1st, 1997

Current International Age (December 2015) – 18

~Three Facts~

1.) Jihyo was a trainee at JYP for over (or about) 10 years, and normally people are trainees for 3 years.

2.) Her hobbies are online shopping and walking.

3.) Her specialties is having powerful vocals and trot singing

2.) Nayeon (Oldest Member)


Oldest Member, Face Of The Group

Name – Im Nayeon

Birthday – September 21st, 1995

Current International Age – 20

~Three Facts~

1.) Nayeon was the main female lead in GOT7’s Debut Song ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and she had many other appearances making her a famous trainee.

2.) Her specialty is: Digesting choreography. So she can easily learn a choreography (which is pretty cool)

3.) Her fashion style is Simple but Vintage (Or simple and vintage)


3.) Mina


Beautiful Dancer, Beautiful Ballerina

Name –  Myoui Mina

Birthday – March 24, 1997

Current International Age – 18

~Three Facts~

1.) Mina was featured in GOT7’s Stop Stop It and Junho’s Feel

2.) Her specialty is ballet

3.) Mina was born in America (she’s Japanese American)

4.) Sana


Cute is her concept, Cute is her style

Name – Minatozaki Sana

Birthday – December 29th, 1996

Current International Age – 18 (19 in 13 days!)

~Three Facts~

1.) Sana was the main female lead in GOT7’s ‘A’

2.) Her favourite artists are Ariana Grande, Ne-yo and Lea Michelle

3.) She’s been a trainee at JYP for four years! (2011-2015)


5.) Dahyun


Eagle Dance Queen, Unique Member

Name – Kim Dahyun

Birthday – May 28, 1998

Current International Age – 17

~Three Facts~

1.) Dahyun was the main female lead in Stop Stop It

2.) Her specialties are Rapping and Dancing

3.) She has a habit of touching her nose (not picking!)

6.) Tzuyu


Gorgeous Figure, Gorgeous Voice

Name – Zhou Xi Yu

Birthday – June 14, 1999

Current International Age – 16

~Three Facts~

1.) Her favourite type of music is pop, especially Beyonce’s music ^^

2.) She along with other members appeared in missA’s Only You

3.) Her hobbies are watching performances and eating delicious food!


7.) MoMo


Amazing Dancer with Awesome Blonde Hair

Name – Momo Hirai

Birthday – November 9, 1996

Current International Age – 19

~Three Facts~

1.) Her motto is “If you work hard you can eat delicious food.”

2.) Her hobbies are: Shopping, Looking at food pictures while on a diet, watching dramas, watching movies and doing nail art!

3.) Her specialty is dancing and she is known as TWICE’s best dancer!


8.) Chaeyoung


The Cool Member with a Mysterious Aura 

Name – Son Chae Young

Birthday – April 23rd, 1999

Current International Age – 16

~Three Facts~

1.) She likes to draw while listening to music

2.) Her favourite music is : Justin Bieber (Believe), D’angelo (Black Messiah)

3.) Her fashion style is: Dark Casual Style.


9.) Jungyeon


That awesome member with a hella awesome scream

Name – Yoo Jung Yeon

Birthday – November 1st, 1996

Current International Age – 19

~Three Facts~

1.) She has a habit of imitating her members (you could say this is also a specialty)

2.) She has a hobby of watching “Muk-Bang” videos

3.) She won the final round in JYP’s 6th Auditions 2010



1.) TWICE was formed through a JYP reality show called “Sixteen” (I’ve watched a few episodes)

2.) TWICE has already released an an album called ‘The Story Begins’

3.) TWICE is JYP’s new girls group

4.) Even though TWICE is a new group, they have already won an award (At the MAMA’s)



Like Ooh Ahh

Do It Again


Like A Fool


Now comment below for who you want to be next on IntroStep and it can be anyone as long as its related to music!




20 thoughts on “IntroStep Episode 5 : TWICE

  1. I’ve heard of Daehyun the most – I guess she’s pretty popular 0w0 . And their debut song is fabulous!

    Have you done EXO? Well, I probably know almost everything about them but it doesn’t hurt to spread my love for them XD . Love them all (especially Baekhyun)!

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