SOTD – JJ Project : Hooked & Dancing/Crushing

If you didn’t know JJ Project consisted of JB and Junior, two members of now GOT7. I’ve heard some news that the JJ Project will be continuing sometime next year but I’m not 100% sure.


Isn’t it funny how someone calls you a bad dancer when you’ve never danced properly infront of them? But anyways my school will be having a dance soon, not too sure when but I’m excited too see what will happen! I requested (as I may have said before since I have bad blogging memory) Daddy by PSY cause alot of people like that funky song!

And then comes crushing… NOT ME! One of my friends likes this guy in my class and its pretty obvious since HE KNOWS.

How is it obvious

1.) She talks about him

2.) She has a code name for him

3.) She notices alot about him

4.) The whole class knows

And the funny part? Well I ended up sitting with him AGAIN in our main class, its not even funny (but then again it is) -.- I wonder what shes thinking, like she might be jealous but who knows.

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6 thoughts on “SOTD – JJ Project : Hooked & Dancing/Crushing

  1. Lol JJ project is life. I like Bounce more. And they were so cute back then(and still are) especially JB.
    Did you know that JB is really embarrassed about his Dream High 2 era (same time as JJ project era

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