I’m procrastinating by writing this post 😛

But anyways I’m doing my homework while writing this post but I just wanted to say AND ask something so please comment.

I’ve lost ideas for posts at the moment, I have nothing to talk about, I have IntroStep (which I am working on, currently), I’ll be having something this Thursday to talk about and I do have some plans for 2016 (YAY) but I have a question; a very simple question.

“What do you want me to post about?” And please don’t comment “anything but spam” because trust me; I spam when I get ideas and by spam I mean spamming with posts even if something is well written I don’t mean writing a title and poof, post done 🙂

Please comment, Yuki-Chan is desperate 😥

Yuki-Chan edit Yuki



12 thoughts on “Question

  1. Hmm….make like, idk, fun, random, weird, and any posts. Now that I recall, you don’t post THAT much Fantage stuff so like, make posts of you reacting to whuns/baes, tryouts, people, and more.

    And btw, the edit I made you…should I add your name “Yuki-Chan” next to it? It looks more natural that way…

  2. I have a post idea you could do
    maybe “Goals for this blog in 2016”
    or “Funniest Youtubers”
    or “I lost all my hair because my hair brush is yanking out my hair”.
    True story. 🙂

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