Things That Bloggers Do That Annoy Me

Crediting Anna and Nutella for the whole thing, since it was their idea 🙂

Now lets go

1.) The Poser

There is this one person who will pose as your ‘fan’ just to get you to follow them, and then when you go on a different blog you see (by stalking the comments) that they commented the same thing as they did on your blog.

Totally not trying to embarrass this person

Here is an actual example:

“Hey! I’m a big fan of your blog and I was wondering if you could check out my blog? (Maybe follow, comment and like) Anyway heres the link: ______ Thanks, bye!”

Hahaha this actually happened before (not saying the persons name)~

2.) The “Faker”

There is always this one person who will come on to your blog after reading a post and then they will say “Hey YOU STOLE MY IDEA!”

Well excuse me but:

1.) I wasn’t following your blog at the time

2.) I don’t need to know your life story

3.) Who are you?

4.) Hundreds of people have done this before, so why should I care?

Its not like I did the exact same thing as you! And half of the time they never did this

3.) The ‘Thief”

There is always this one person in the community that will steal someone elses work. From profile pictures, to edits, to drawing and just anything! They’ll steal someones work and say “I made this!” or “Lies! //dramatic gasp”

4.) The “Meanie”

So here is another type of person that will just wanna be rude, they’ll go on a blog they have never seen before and then they will comment

“WHAT IS THIS” or “HAHA, SUCH A DUMB POST!” Or something along those lines 🙂

5.) The “I Wanna Be Famous”

This happens more with new bloggers, but anyways there is this one person that will always go “HEY WE LOST A FOLLOWER! (I have done this once… HaHA, jk, I did it cause its annoying staying at one mark and yeah) or “REBLOG TO HELP GET MORE FOLLOWERS!” or “SUCH A LOW AMOUNT OF FOLLOWERS! HELP!”

Can you relate to any of these?



30 thoughts on “Things That Bloggers Do That Annoy Me

  1. I don’t think I’ve done many of these.
    Maybe the followers once, but I was very uhhh- immature at the time.
    And the comment your fan thing is SOO ANNOYING! Tbh if your blog is worth it, then I’ll follow. If you just state your true feelings on a post, most likely if you are new to me I’LL JUST FOLLOW YOU FOR GOD DAMN SAKE.
    I feel like this post is directed at a certain blog….I think you know it too? 😉

  2. I can totally relate. The first one, I just shake my head. I don’t have good impressions of people who comments randomly on my posts without really reading what I write, and then expecting ME to visit, read, like & follow his/her blog? Ahahaha. I’m not that nice of a person, unfortunately.

    I’ve had the most problem with the thief one. I was so dismayed, but oh well. Shit happens and I just hope that those thieves feel good about stealing what I wrote. Anyway, great post. Keep it up. Cheers!

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