The Converse (Style) I Got

The first person to know about them shoes was…. MY MOM!!! Okay but after my mom it was… ME!!! Okay, fine I’m joking… I was tied with my mom 😛

I’m stalling, the first person to know about the beautiful shoes known as Converse High or Converse Chuck (I’mma stick with High) was…. BLIZZY


But anyways I got it in purple since it was on a sale!!! Yup and only the purple ones //tear

But anyways its nice!! Converse High, I really really like it~

I’m seriously stalling, here is a picture of the beautiful shoes


While I was taking the picture I was thinking about how nice my legs were looking 😉

Lol but seriously, I was~

And then I was thinking how pretty the shoes and box were.. YES THE BOX IS PRETTY!

Here listen to Converse High – BTS… It’s how I’m feeling (except at Suga’s part, since I don’t hate Converse)


Yuki-Chan edit~Yuki~


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