Report Cards!

•This post was made as a draft on 2015-12-07•

So recently (not going to say when) I got my report card! I got a really good mark! I’m surprised I was progressing very well in French, because of dictees…. BUT OTHER THEN THAT YAY!!! I’m happy with the comments that were left by my teacher(s), it was all positive!

Thank you so much teacher(s), I’ve earned bubble tea because of you 🙂

But on a side track for some reason I thought my mom thought (eww I used thought twice, oops now trice) that I would get a bad report card but guess not (Ily Mommy)

But all is well in paradise for NOW!!! Dun, dun, dun~!

But with a good thing always comes with a bad thing, and a bad thing follows up with a good thing 🙂

Bad Thing: Blister (I guess) on tongue making it harder to eat

Good Thing: Good report card 🙂

Yuki-Chan edit♫~Yuki~♫


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