Amazing Day! Not..

Yeah umm I’m bad at titles but I literally hated tonight -.-

So it was after Girls Night and me and my ‘friends’ were running to catch the bus and apparently I dropped two things, and I realized it was my IPod and Phone! I ran out of the bus (ninja style) and I couldn’t find it since it was dark outside, so I was literally was banging the school door and then I saw the gym door and I went over there and was banging that (with panicked swag) and then some random guy opened it and I tried explaining (imagine being scared to death and trying to explain something) and he kept saying “No ones home! No ones home!” and when I got in I ran to the room I was in for Girls Night and luckily the two councilors were there so I told them about it and when we got out I heard my phones ringtone and I found it infront of a place that I already checked! But I’m sitting down thinking how embarrassing it was for me infront of that kid…

And when I was near my house I saw this guy following me so I used the ‘fake’ calling my mom method and ran as I kept looking back…

Yeah lesson learned – Never go outside in the dark

XD Stay safe kids.



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