Some More About Me Tag

Thank you Alexis for making this tag AND tagging me!



  • Mention the person you were tagged by. A link to their blog would be nice.
  • List at least 10 (or more) fun facts about yourself. Include at least one happy moment in your life and one embarrassing moment.
  • Tag at least two other bloggers

Derp face.

1.) In my life I have taken a: Jiu-Jitsu & Taekwondo class at least ONCE. I’m planning to take Martial Arts again.

2.) I love to act, its fun and I love it ^^ I wish I knew people that liked acting 😛

3.) I’m currently watching the anime Kotoura-San (Thank you bae for recommending it XD You know who you are) Totally a fun fact~

4.) One time me and my mom went to a Japanese Buffet, I remember ordering about 17 items of just seafood (Seafood addict)

5.) I’ve gotten people into Seaweed. In Grade 6 I would have seaweed in my lunch and after giving people some they starting loving it ^^

6.) Blue, Purple, Black & White are my favourite colours

7.) So umm I think I already posted about this but right now my mommy is listening to ‘GOT7 Confession Song” because at first she thought it was English. I guess my mom likes the song. (SHE LIKES IT ALOT)

8.) An embarrassing moment was that I went outside wearing my shirt inside out O,O But I had something covering it TnnT

9.) I don’t mind giving out my Snapchat, but I worry about giving my Insta. Only people that are famous in my mind or friend irl would be able to see my pic 😛

10.) I’ve been listening to VIXX, iKON & BoA’s Japanese Singles recently.

I tag~




~Anyone who likes Anime




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