How My Day Went

So today we presented our speeches… And no, I didn’t win but that’s not what ticked me off. The thing is people voted for this ONE guy only because he said hes OUR JUSTIN TRUDEAU! If you didn’t know Trudeau is a prime minister (of Canada, Ontario. Or was it just Canada?) and he literally didn’t even read of his speech he said at the end “I’ll be your Justin Trudeau!”

After editing my speech, I was pretty proud of it but there is always next year (if I try again)

At Lunch, one of my friends keep telling me this guy is flirting with me in class, when he has a girlfriend 😛

And THEN, at MATH CLASS (always) near the end I was spitting out random stuff and laughing to it like for one of my friends I’m like “Those red pants!” and then started laughing and then she said I laugh for weird things and I’m like let me finish. “Those red pants are a disgrace to the Converse you are wearing (I say random, weird stuff)!” and then continued laughing shes like

“O-Okay…” with an awkward smile XD And then to another of my friends I’m like “Your vest!” insert laughing and then I said beaver and shes like do you mean I hunted beavers and then I’m like “You killed beavers to make your fur vest!” and then continued laughing.

I’ve been laughing alot recently, I have no clue why.

Moral of my day: Yuki is a really weird person.


~Yuki~ ❤


13 thoughts on “How My Day Went

  1. Person who won grade 9 rep this year was because he’s male.
    Last year guy who won grade 9 rep was because he placed a bet with someone, “if I win student council I’ll give you 100 bucks!” and won the bet.

  2. I only won once cuz I was the only one running… o.o

    And then a few years ago, I said I would vote for my friend and she would vote for me and she ended up voting for herself smh and so it was a tie (otherwise I would have won) and then some of my friends got mad at me for beating them (smh) and voted for my other friend that tied. I was like, well dayum, fine play that way peeps. -.-

    And don’t worry, as long as you tried your best. People who don’t try don’t deserve to win. 😉 And you definitely would’ve won if we were all there.

    *raids Yuki’s classroom* WHY TF DID YUKI NOT WIN PEOPLE!!!!

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