My Test Was Marked Wrong

So anyways on my test it say 23.5/_ but when I add up my score (from the marks she left) its actually 25/_! So now I have to get it back to her (after signing it) and make a mental note right now to tell her she marked it wrong. She (my teacher) also marked someone elses wrong too, so I guess its all good 😀

History is NOT my subject.

jungkook and jimin



19 thoughts on “My Test Was Marked Wrong

  1. Don’t worry about History, it isn’t THAT much of an important subject!

    And, yeah, a few times I checked my results, my teacher marked them wrongly, too! AND DANG, he gave me a 68 when it was actually a 74. 0-0

  2. I had a teacher who missed out four marks on the back page and didn’t believe me when I told him so I had to make him count the marks one by one, and guess what, my claim was like the first legit claim he got out of the ten or so students who came up to see him (we were going through the paper as a level) so I was like, “Ha, in your FACE!” of course, I didn’t say it out loud. He might have taken the marks away from me!

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