25 days ’til Christmas: Day 1: cuties


A Tree Obsession

Huge problem, I can’t find the book I wrote the story in!!!!!! So imma improvise in the mean time.
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“Awwwwwwwww. I will stay back.” Tree said standing up
“WHAT?!” Yuki and Panda yelled.
“I will stay back, its ok. Plus, I am still new to the fandom only know like 2 names,” Tree said going on her phone.
“You sure?” Yuki asked unsure what to do. Tree simply nodded.
“Ok, Yuki! We need to go shopping for outfits!” Panda running out the door with Yuki. Tree didn’t get to say bye.
Tree started to decorate the classroom. Soon after around a few minutes, a guy had walked in.
“Hi, I’m Joey. Do you know where the principal office is?” Joey asked.
“Hi I am tree. And follow me, I will show you,” tree said getting up.
“Oh no, I didn’t mean to bother you, I…

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