When You Get Mad

Yo don’t mess with fandoms, crushes, celebrity crushes and etc. Cause the person you messed with will crush you.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything but when you are online and talking with one of your best friends you haven’t talked with since forever and you call something you show them ugly, you feel hurt.

So what happened was I was talking with her, lets call her “Cake”

So I was happily talking with Cake and she didn’t reply so I sent her that GD sad face gif and then when she comes on shes like “Whos That?”

I said G-Dragon and then told her he is in a band called BIG BANG and showed her a picture of them and she called them ugly.

So I reply by saying “They aren’t ugly. Your ugly.” And then reply again “They. Aren’t. Ugly. You aren’t. Your really cute ^^”

Then she says “They are still ugly.”

So I’m just like “Yeah, bye.”

But then she apologizes after I lets say give her a brief ‘lecture’ telling her not to mention calling someone ugly and blah blah blah. So she apologized 😛

The end. My life drama is over. Stay tuned to part two *winks* Just kidding.


But shes a close friend and all so yeah.




23 thoughts on “When You Get Mad

  1. How dare she insult my dad!! Is she jealous that he is more successful than her? You shouldn’t go hating on people that you don’t know. She is so lucky I wasn’t there or else I would have hurt her feelings so bad.

  2. Some people are just not into “Korean stuff ” :(. But that doesn’t mean that they can get called ugly >~<. I LOVE BIGBANG, NO COMPLAINTS (except some weird parts in their videos :0). Anyways : BB FOREVER.
    But if I was in front of her…well…we can't know until it happens :3.

  3. If big bang is ugly how ugly are ordinary people in the streets.. (shakes my head) (you call TOP ugly??) (ok…

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