Have you ever searched yourself up?

Well, I just did.

And guess what I came up with.

Pure nothing.

I have a really strange name in real life, so I found my old email that is abandoned and has nothing in it, and a whole bunch of random people. I found a picture of a 96 year old woman with the same name as me. Yippee!

So yeah… comment what the strangest thing you’ve found when you searched yourself up!

Love you guys ❤


36 thoughts on “Have you ever searched yourself up?

      1. tbh I kinda prefer my name to be really common
        no one can find where I live if I reveal things such as my full name. 😛

  1. Yeah, and I find like really embarrassing photos my dad has on his own website as well as pictures of my sister and lots of other random people. o.o And when I searched it up on the web, some person had a Google account, or was it Twitter, with my first and last name, I’m like “Holy shiz gimme my name, gurl!”

  2. If I searched my first name, a bunch of shoes came up ._.
    If I searched my first name and surname, it was someone who had the same name in my country who had committed suicide a few years ago 😦
    If I searched my full name, a bunch of weird people appeared

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