Songs & Reactions

Okay sorry but I can’t come up with good titles right now 😛

But anyhow while I was caught up in iKON and Run and CL’s new song I totally didn’t realize that GOT7 has a new song called “Confession Song”

I think JB and Youngjae were acting really cute in it ^.^ But BamBam though~ Anyways I saw JackBam or BamSon moments ^.^ So that lightened the mood. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I like doing secret santa in school!

got7 mad

You will most likely see this in the next theme (GOT7) so look forward too that ^^


I found this video where BTS reacted to War Of Hormones the day after it released so check out the video below if you want to see that!

Enjoy your day!


8 thoughts on “Songs & Reactions

  1. Mark tho…… *starts blushing like crazy* Mark made it even more romantic
    The others made it cute.
    Mark came out of no where changing and speeding up the beat of the song and making it so romantic. I’m glad Jackson, Bambam and Mark all had parts. Most of the time, one of em barely has any lines.

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