Tutorial : Insert A YouTube Video

(Dedicated for Alexis)

So in the new format alot of people don’t know how to add videos, so I’ll show you how to add videos without using the new format! Alot of people probably know how but I’ll show some of you that are new to blogging and don’t know how!

Step 1:

Click on the horribly circled and highlighted and its called ‘My Sites’ on the top left.




Step 2:

p2 Click on the horrible highlighted and circled part AKA click on ‘WP-Admin’ under ‘View Sites’ near the top left.

Step 3:

p3 Now it should take you to a new page. Once your on that new page on that left hand side you should see something like that image above. Click on the horribly highlighted and circled AKA click on the ‘Posts’ and once you get there on that same left hand side click on ‘Add New’ under ‘Posts’

Step 4:

p4  You should get to something like that once you click on ‘Add New’ and then click on the horribly highlighted/circled part AKA click on ‘Add Media’ under the title area.

Step 5:

p5  Now (I’m repeating a word O.O) Now you see all your media. If you want you can do it the way you usually insert videos and click ‘Insert from URL’ or you can do it a more simple way and click ‘Insert YouTube’ then you can just search the video from YouTube. Enjoy!!!



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