Who Remembers Wish?

Remember that story I was writing a few months ago but never updated? LOL I literally barley continued writing it :O But I’ll post the whole thing including what I wrote so far. I SWEAR I WILL UPDATE IT!!! PROMISE


Dedicated to all bloggers.

Cast: (Blogger Cast)

Yumi – Riley

Angie – Angie

Mina – Mina

Tree – Treezilla

Nuttie – Nuttie

Bambi – Bambi

Twinkles – Twinkles

Miss Star – Shania

If I am missing someone tell me


Episode 1
3rd persons POV
Phone: Brrring! Brring! The phone rang as a sleepish Yumi answered the phone to only hear her ‘pretend cousin’ Angie.
Yumi: “Hello?”
Angie: “Yumi-chan!!!!!! How I missed you so much!”
Yumi: “Oh, hi Angie-chan.”
Angie: “Just ‘Oh, hi Angie-chan’ No, no (french accent)! It must be (mimic’s Yumi’s voice) ‘Hiii Angie-chan!!!!!! I missed you sooooooo much we haven’t talk in like a day!!!!’ And that is how your suppose to say it, Yumi-chan.” Angie scolled Yumi through the phone.
Yumi: “But it’s just a day.” Yumi whined
Angie: “Well Yumi-chan this is how your supposed to greet your beloved cousin.” 😣😏
Yumi: “Yeah yeah 😞.” Yumi rolled her eyes..
Angie: “Anyways Yumi-chan you have to go.. enroll yourself to your new school.😣”
Yumi: “My.. sisters school?” Yumi aske quickly getting an answer.
Angie: “NO! Mine and your brother’s school, your sisters school is……..” Angie paused almost as if thinking what to say
Yumi: ‘I get it.. You want me to be in your school. So we can see each other a lot.”
Angie: (small pause)”Yup! I’m not going to school today so don’t get lost. 😉😊”
Yumi: “Okay…..Bye!”
Angie: “Bye!”
Phone Call Ends.
Yumi: “Looks like I should get to school or Angie-chan will kill me.” Yumi laughed. “Nah she’ll just be mad for a while then like after a minute she’ll fogive moi hahaha. Well I should seriously get going and I think Syo is skipping school so hopefully I don’t get lost.” Yumi thought to herself
Yumi: Timeskíp to 30 minutes brought to you by~ Yumi and her pretend cousin
Yumi’s POV
I looked up at the enourmous building quickly going in, only getting lost in the hallway full of doors.
Me: “I guess everyones in class…” I sigh “Oh whos that over there!” I think to myself.
???: “Hey are you skipping class?”
Me: (I think I know him. Nah thats just a dumb thought) “Are you skipping class?” I reply
???: “I have permission to go to the office. What about you?”
Yumi: “I need to enroll to this school here. I’m Yumi.”
Kai: “I can take you to the office. I’m Kai.” He looked at me in the eye only for me to relize a was I total miget compared to him.
Me: “So where is it?” I ask almost as if I was demanding an answer because I was.
Kai: Right behind you dumby. Kai chuckled to himself making my face red but not tomato red just red.
I turns around: Wait….It was right behind me the whole time! Kai nods while chuckling making me even more red but not tomato red.
~Author’s notes: If chuckling isn’t a word then lets pretend it is kay xD~
~Awkward moment of silence~
Kai: Lets go in. He talks first.
Me: Okay.
??? appears out of nowhere: Konnichiwa Kai and……. Yumi.
Kai: Konnichiwa Tree.
Me: “I feel like I know her too. What’s going on?!” I think to myself. “How do you know my name?’
Tree closed her eyes: (Kai she doesn’t remember!)
Kai closed his eyes: (She still doesn’t…)
Tree: Kai told me 😉.
Yumi: How?
Tree: You’ll learn soon 😏.
Kai: Well Yumi wants to enroll to this school.
Yumi: My cousin wants me to enroll here.
Kai: Who’s your cousin?
Yumi: Angie-chan
Tree: She’s your cousin?
Yumi: “Pretend Cousin”
Tree: Oh she’s in our class.
Yumi: Cool so….. How do I get to enroll into this school?
Kai: Where’s the teachers?
Tree: There isn’t any teachers here so… I guess I’ll do it myself!
Yumi: Are you even allowed to do that? (Yumi looked at Kai)
Kai: Because Tree gets the best marks in class she can helps out the staff of the school so she can do this. (Kai looked at Yumi)
Yumi: Wow..
Tree: Yup! So follow me!
Tree then took Yumi’s hand and ran off into the main room for the office then she took out a piece of paper and a pen.
Tree: You can call me Tree-chan, thats what all the girls call me.
Yumi: Okay♪.
Tree: So full name?
Yumi: Yumi Kuromi.
Tree: Age.
Yumi: 17
Tree: Blood type.
Yumi: B
Tree: Any allergies?
Yumi: Not that I know off.
Tree: Anyone relatives come here?
Yumi: My brother Syo an I think my sister use to come here.
Tree: What’s your sisters name?
Yumi: (Wait what’s my sisters name?!?! Why don’t I remember this!) (Yumi took a long pause)
Tree: Yumi?
Yumi: I-I don’t remember…
Tree: (She doesn’t remember her sisters name?) Oh well thats okay. Birthday?
Yumi: February 7th.
Tree: Aquarius hmm. Okay and Race.
Yumi: Race? Human.
Tree: Just Human? Anyways good-
(Insert picture of Principal, Tree and Yumi)
Principal: Tree-chan what are you doing here? Oh I see your interviewing….. A new student! Excelent! So Tree show me the fourm. (Tree gives the fourm to the Principal) Mhm, Okay I see. Oh yes Yumi? I’m your Principal, heres your sceduale.
Yumi: Thank you.
~Timeskip to 30 minutes brought to you by~ Tree-chan’s smartness!
(Insert picture of Yumi and Sensei Mina)
Sensei Mina: Today class we have a new student! Her name is Yumi. Yumi introduce yourself.
Yumi: I’m Yumi, my cousin is Angie and my brother is Syo.
Sensei Mina: Okay now you can sit at the back at the empty seat over there.
(Insert picture of Kai,Yumi and Nuttie.)
Yumi sat at the empty seat beside Kai.
Yumi: Looks like we’re sitting together.
Kai: Yup ^_^.
Yumi: Did you set this up?
Kai: Nope >_<.
Nuttie: Let’s become besties, You can call me Nuttie btw 👍.
Yumi: (I think I know her too what the hell is going on!) Okay ^_^.
~Somewhere in the school~
?: Did you hear that theres a new student?
??: Yeah and apparently she thinks she’s just a human.
?: If she was just a human then she couldn’t be here.
??: Bambi do you think its Yumi?
(? is Bambi) Bambi: Maybe? Kimura, are you friends with Yumi?
(?? is Kimura) Kimura: IDK Kai is.
Bambi: I see hopefully her sister and her school don’t do anything to the school.😏
Kimura: Yeah at least Angie and Syo are protecting her.
Bambi: They better not do anything this time or I will literally kill them (Bambi puts her fist in the air)
Kimura: I see ♪♪.
(Bambi slightly blushes)

Episode 2
~Timeskip to the next day brought to you by~ Bambi and Kimura’s secret talk!
Sensei Mina: Okay Attendence roll-call! Yumi?
Yumi: Here.
Sensei Mina: Kai?
Kai: Here.
Sensei Mina: Nuttie?
Nuttie: Here♪.
Sensei Mina: Bambi?
Bambi: Here
Sensei Mina: Kimura?
Kimura: Here
Sensei Mina: Tree-chan?
Tree: Here!
Sensei Mina: Looks like Angie and Syo aren’t here so…. Lets start the lesson and everyone pay attention or else detention♪. And I love giving detention to kids like you.
Everyone: Yes Sensei Mina.
Nuttie wispearing to Yumi: She means it big time. One time I wasn’t paying attention (Nuttie shakes her head) Oohh I can’t say it. (Yumi nods quickly)
Sensei Mina: This lesson is about your birthday. For each month you were born in you will eventually get a weapon by emotion or idk over-coming something.
Sensei Mina: And if you can’t get it then….Tough luck my friend but if you do get it and after you get it a while later your weapon magical glows that means you are the chosen one then you will get a unique weapon with its own name. Now I will read off your name and birthday. Bambi, January 17th. Kai, February 18th. Tree, March 4th. Kimura, April 26th. Nuttie, May 31st. Syo, June 7th. Yumi, July 7th and Angie August 21st. Weird none of you have a birthday on the same month. Well I hope you all unlock your weapon. Now. Any questions?
Tree raises her hand.
Sensei Mina: Yes Tree-chan?
Tree: Did you unlock your weapon?
Sensei Mina: I did Tree-chan (Sensei Mina smiled) but I won’t show it right now since the bells going to ring any minute for lunch.
~Bell rings~
Nuttie: Lets all eat at the roof!
Everyone: Sure.
~Timeskip to the roof brought to you by~ Sensei Mina crazy addiction!
All the girls were on one side of the roof and the guys were at the other side of the roof.
Kimura: We da loners☺.
Kai: Let me eat my sushi in peace dude🍣.
Kimura: Do you still like her 🍟.
Kai: Do you still like her 🍣.
Kimura: You really like your sushi 🍟
Kai: And you like the fries 🍣
Tree: The New Years Ball is going to happen in soon in like a week or two.🍩
Nuttie: Remember what happend last time?🍜
Bambi: I heard the school is going to be more secure.🍕
Yumi: What happend last time?🍰
Nuttie: Well your sister’s school tried to attack our school but failed.
Yumi: Oh I see.
Tree: And this year everyone has to come.
Yumi, Nuttie and Bambi: Oh.
Yumi: I’ll be back just getting a drink.
Tree and Nuttie: Be back quick.
~A drink comes flying out of the air~
Bambi: Now you don’t have to go.
Tree: Is it safe.
Nuttie: Let me check.
Yumi hands the drink to Nuttie.
Nuttie puts the drink at her ear.
Nuttie: Safe (Nuttie gives a thumbs up)!🍺
Nuttie gives it to Yumi.
Yumi: Mmmm it 7up!
Tree: Now what were we talking about?
~??? place~
?F F= female: Well now whos up for crashing another Ball?
??F: Me!
???F: Me!
?MM=male: I’m in.
??M: Sure….
?F: Aww Kairi don’t be like that!
Kairi: Okay Twinkles..
?M: Lets do a better job then last year.
Twinkles and ?M: Hell ya!
~Back to Yumi in the others and timeskip to a week later brought to you by~ The mysterious 7up!
~At da mall~
Yumi, Bambi, Tree and Nuttie were looking around the mall.
Yumi: Which shop should we go to?
Bambi: Any cheap shop😔
Nuttie: Everyone I can get us all dresses for free!
Tree: How?
Nuttie: Well I have a friend who works at a shop so…… Follow me!😉😏
The group followed Nuttie until they reached a shop called Miss Star’s Fashion Shoppe and Boutique
(Insert picture of Nuttie, Miss Star, Yumi, Bambi and Tree at Miss Star’s Fashion Shoppe and Boutique)
Nuttie: Go in.
The group stepped in,quickly to see Star.
Nuttie: Star over here (Nuttie waved to Star who quickly came over to the group)
Miss Star: Ello! I am Star, you can call me Miss Star if you like. Now hmm New Years Ball ( The group nodded) Well then go find a dress then come to me! Don’t worry its free 😉.
Yumi, Tree and Bambi: Thank you so much ( They bow in unison quickly)
Miss Star: No problemo! Friends of Nutties get free things 😊.
Nuttie: Now lets find a dress.
They walk over to the dress section.
Tree: Hmm which one should I get?
Yumi: These are so pretty I can’t choose just one.
Nuttie: What’s up Bambi.
Bambi: Ah nevermind now which dress should I get?
Nuttie: Oh well, which dress should I get?
Yumi: I found the perfect dress!
Nuttie: Show me 😃
Yumi: Nope 😀 its a surprise.
Nuttie: Aww.
Bambi and Tree: Found one!
Nuttie: Now that we all found one lets go to Star.
They walk up to Star
Miss Star: You all found one. Good now do you need a bag (they all nod in unison) Here you go ( they each get a bag). Have a nice day.
The group: You too!
Yumi: Okay so now-
A stampede of people start to run into the store seperating them all from each other.
~At one end near the main entrance~
Bambi: Guys? Where are you? Now I have to find them..
~At the end near the food court~
Tree: Hey? Now I need to find them all espicially Yumi.
~At another end near a jewellary shop~
Nuttie: Yumi? Guys? Oh my… I hope Yumi’s safe.
~Where Yumi is~
Yumi: Guys? Where are you….(Yuki gets scared)…. S-S-Syo?

Episode 3
~7 years ago~
(Insert Picture of Twinkles and Yumi)
Yumi: K-Kai? K-Kairi? S-S-Syo? N-N-Nuttie? T-Tree? A-Angie??? W-Where are you guys ( Yumi’s scared).
?F: Onee-chan its me Twinkles. Your not alone.
Yumi runs to Twinkles and hugs her.
Yumi: Onee-chan! I was scared that I was alone b-but at least I-I wasn’t alone at the m-all or anything.
Twinkles: Don’t worry I will be always here for you.
Yumi: Promise?
Twinkles: Promise.
~Back to the present~
Syo: Yumi-chan!?!? Why are you alone???? Did you regained your memory? ( Syo quickly covered his mouth) Yikes!
Yumi: Memory? I lost m-my m-m-me-memories?
Syo: Y-Yes……….
Yumi: S-Syo, how did I lo-lose my m-memories?
Yumi falls down still holding her bag while Bambi, Tree and Nuttie rush over to her.
Nuttie: Yumi! (Yumi slowly blinks)
Tree: Yumi! Did she regain her memory?
Syo: I think she will and I hope she does.
Bambi: Yumi! (Yumi slowly blinks)
Kai and Kimura see Yumi and rush over.
Kimura: Yumi!
Kai: Yumi! Stay with me! ( Yumi faints)
Bambi and Kimura: YUMI!
Tree: Syo teleport Yumi and Kai to the nurses office, NOW!
Nuttie: We will meet you there!
Syo: Got it.
Kai: Wait… What!
Syo teleports himself, Kai and Yumi to the nurses office and the others reach there a few minutes later.
Syo and Kai: Nurse! Help Yumi!
Nuttie, Tree and Bambi: Right now!!
Nurse: Got it I’ll take her to one of the beds.
Nurse teleports Yumi to the nurses bed and she puts her hand on Yumi’s forehead.
Nurse: She’s okay don’t worry and I think…. She’s regaining her memory, just have a seat.
Everyone: Okay thanks.
~Yumi’s dreamish memory~
(Insert picture of the group)
7 years ago
Twinkles: Promise.
Kai, Syo, Tree, Kairi, Nuttie and Angie come running to Yumi.
Syo: Yumi! Sorry about that.
Kai: Yeah we are really sorry. (everyone nods)
Yumi: Its okay, Onee-chan was here ☺
Nuttie: Now let’s go to our fort!
Syo: Yeah!
~Five Minutes Later In The Fort~
Nuttie: Your soo lucky your half dragon!
Yumi: And your half cat! You know I would have never imagend that a cat and dog would beome best friends.
Tree: Yeah its funny how me and Nuttie are best friends and I’m a Wolf.
Yumi: Mkai sorry but its funny how me and Kai are half dragon.
Kai: I know right! And also it’s funny how a lion and a tiger are friends.
Syo: Well I am the Lion king so you better bow down to me commonners!
Tree and Angie: Never.
Angie: Well you can call me the Tiger empress loser Lion.
Syo: Whadya say?!
Nuttie: Poor Kairi! He’s the only one left out. But at least your half fox.
Kairi: But I don’t even know what the fox says.
Nuttie: LOL ( Me: She littearly says L O L)
Kairi: What do you guys want to do?
Yumi: Buy sushi.
Kai: Let’s go.
Tree: Yay I love sushi!
Yumi and Kai: Me too!
(Insert pictures of the group doing stuff (at resturant, shopping, at the park, a sleepover, a movie etc)
~1 year ago at the park~
Yumi: Onee-chan what did you want to do?
Twinkles: Talk to you.
Yumi: Okay.
Twinkles: Come here.
Yumi: Why?
Twinkles: Just come.
Yumi walks over to Twinkles
Twinkles: Sweet dreams Yumi.
Yumi: What do you- ( Twinkles sprays a mysterious thing on Yumi) W-why?
Twinkles: I’m joining Darkness Acadamy! I will crush your school into little pieces! Including your friends and Syo.
Yumi: Y-You Promised! ( Yumi slowly blinks)
Twinkles: Who cares! If you want revenge come regain your memory unlock your weapon and fight me! (Yumi faints)
An hour before
Orange and Black Magic Dust surrond Kairi as he looks up with saddess to the group and then smiles.
Kai: Kairi! What the hell do you think your doing!
Tree: Kairi! What are you doing!
Everyone but Kairi, Kai and Tree: KAIRI!
Kairi smirks at Angie: Well my friends I’ve decided to live you all and go to Darkness Acadamy! Sorry guys and Angie. I will become stronger and unlock my weapon! If you want to see me again fight me with your weapon! Bye everyone. Bye Angie. (Kairi dissapeared)
(Insert picture of Tree crying)
Tree: KAIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone: KAIRI!!!!!
“I wish this never happend”
Episode 4
Syo, Kai, Tree, and Nuttie: Yumi! Yumi!
Yumi slowly opened her eyes.
Bambi and Kimura: Did you regain your memories?
Yumi gets up: Yeah everything.
Kai, Tree and Nuttie: Yu-
Syo: Noone is getting to talk to my precious Yumi-chan except me and Angie-chan! We will be the first to ask her anything so……. Good bye suckers! (Syo grabs Yumi and runs off)
Yumi blushes: SYO!
Kai: Syo! I will kill you!!!!!!!!
Syo: You will never catch me! (Syo’s voice echos)
Bambi: Syo’s crazy.
Nuttie: He’s going to get himself killed by Kai.
Tree: But he’s strong, did you know he unlocked his weapon already?
Kimura: What really?
Nuttie: Yeah that’s what Angie-chan said.
Bambi: Man it’s werid how she recovered after seeing Syo.
Kai: It probably got triggered.
Nuttie: What do you mean?
Kai: Well this one time we left her alone and her sister was there and the same thing happend but with her brother.
Tree: Wait we should call Angie! Damn, I left my phone at home could you call? (looks at Nuttie)
Nuttie: Didn’t bring my phone either can you call Kai?
Kai: Sure.
Tree: Put it on speaker.
Kai: Okay.
(Kai calls Angie)
Angie: Hello?
Kai: Hey it’s Kai.
Nuttie, Angie and Bambi: And the baes!
Angie: What’s up? Hows my beloved Yumi-chan?
Kai tells Angie the whole story.
Nuttie: And now Syo has ran off with Yumi.
Tree: We are guessing that he went to their house.
Nuttie: Get this, Yumi was blushing!
Kai: Shuddup!
Kai: Um Angie?
Phone call ends.
~Timeskip to Syo and Yumi’s house brought to you by: Angie’s sudden appearence! (Angie: It was not sudden I should have been their at Episode Two but because of KitKatCarrot or Yuki-chan whatever it is.. Yuki-chan♥KitKatCarrot: Well you get to break into Yumi-chan’s house! Angie: Yeah I am that awesome!)
(Insert pic of Angie, Syo and Yumi)
Syo: Now lets wait.
Yumi: For?
Angie comes out of nowhere
Angie: ME!
Yumi: WHAT! How did YOU get here?!?!
Angie: The window! 😆
Syo: I should try that when Yumi takes my keys away😉
Yumi: Stupid Syo!
Angie: So Yumi-chan… We want to ask you a few questions, if its okay.
Syo: Please Yumi-chan. (Syo did puppy dog eyes and trust me no one can resist Syo’s)
Yumi: Fine but Syo.. You owe me!
Syo: What about Angie-chan!
Yumi: The Lion King must serve the Dragon Empress!
Syo: Fine your so lucky Angie.
Angie: Yeah yeah loser king.
Syo: Whadya call me Stupid Tiger?!
Angie: Wanna go little pest!
Yumi: Are ya gonna ask or not?
Syo and Angie: Oh sorry.
Syo: First question. What happend to you an hour after the…… Kairi thing?
Yumi: Well, ‘tells whole story about her and her sisters meeting’
Angie: S-Syo?
Syo: She….. She is so going down! Just watch what will happen to you Twinkles Kuromi!
Yumi: Syo?
Angie: Syo she’s your sister!
Syo: What the hell? My sister is Yumi! Twinkles is a cold hearted person!
Syo: Bye! I’m going to hunt her down! (Syo stands up)
Angie: (grabs Syo’s wrist) Syo stop! We will all go together!
Angie: Syo! It’s not just about you!!!
Syo slaps Angie on the check. (Me: Sorry Angie-chan, please don’t kill me😭.
Yumi stands up
Yumi: SYO!
Angie drops a tear.
Syo: A-Angie. I-
Angie runs off.
Syo: Y-Yumi…
Yumi: Look what you did idiot! (Yumi runs of to find Angie)
Syo: (What did I just do!) (Syo face-slaps himself)
~Kai’s place~
Kai: Tomorrow, Is the day! I’ll do it! (Kai holds a box with a red ribbon on it)
Jayden: Look’s like someone has a crush. (Kai’s brother)
Kai: Shut up bro.
Jayden: Then stop screaming like a girl.
Kai: I don’t scream like a girl.
Jayden: Let’s see about that. ( Jayen smirks)
~Timeskip to Angie brought to you by~ Syo’s stupidity! (Syo: I’m not stupid! Me: Then why did you slap Angie? Syo: Cause you made me! Me: No I didn’t, all my characters have a personality of their own Syo: WHAT!!! That makes no sence! Me: Stupid.)
Angie still running: Why did he do that! And I can’t believe I even…. Loved him! I’ve loved him for 7 years! When I met him, I instintley fell in love with him!
~7 years ago~
Angie’s POV (Point of View)
I was alone at a flowerbed just staring at the flowers with a sign that said ‘pick this if you think your beautiful!’
Angie: (What a weird sign). I thought and at the time I hated the way I looked.
Then he came.
Syo: Yo! I’m Syo! What’s your name?
Syo: Nice!
Then Syo saw the flowerbed and the sign
Syo: ‘Pick this if you think your beautiful!’ Angie why don’t you pick one?
Syo: What’s your favourite flower?
Angie: I like red rose.
Syo: Stay here! I’ll be back!
Angie: (Not like I am going anywhere) Okay.
10 minutes later he came back with a red rose.
(Insert a picture of the two a red rose)
Syo: A pretty flower for a pretty girl. I like you I think your beautiful! (Syo gave a big smile)
I blushed and took the rose and this was when I fell in love wih Syo and I smiled for the first time… In a long time.
~Back to present~
He introduced me to Yumi and the others. I was so happy. But when Yumi lost her memories he changed, he became a different person. Cold-hearted he was distint but the second Yumi regained her memories he went right back to normal like nothing ever happen..
Normal persons POV
Angie stopped running at a park but when someone called out to her it wasn’t Yumi. It was Syo.
Syo: Angie!
Angie: Leave me-
Syo: I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you…. I-I love you!
A gust of wind went between the two leaving a wide eyed Angie and a blushing Syo with a moment of silence. Then Angie runs up to with a single tear in her eye.
Angie: I love you too.
And the two hug quickly and then sit at a bench.
Angie: So now we said we love each other… What does that make us?
Syo: We’re dating we’re a couple now okay, Tiger empress?
Syo ruffled Angies hair.
Angie: Okay :D.
A blow of magic blew and suddenly the August weapon appeared infront of Angie then dissapeard with a voice only Angie could hear that said ‘Call the August weapon and I’ll appear infront of you’.
Syo: Well looks like you got your weapon.
Angie: Yup!
(Insert pic of the two)
Yumi ran quickly finding the two.
Syo and Angie: We’re dating.
Angie: And I got my weapon!
Yumi: Congratz Angie…Your so lucky Syo, you have a great girlfriend and Angie you have an overprotective lion.
Syo: Hey..
Angie: I think I should go home its getting late.
Syo: Okay want me to walk you?
Angie: Nah. Walk Yumi-chan home.
Yumi: Byee Angie-chan!
Angie: Bye!
Episode 5
~Timeskip to the next day brought to you by~ Kai’s big crush! (Kai: Not you too! Me: Sorry Kai it’s life Kai: Meany😔)
Everyone but Syo, Angie and Yumi: WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DATING?!?!?!
Angie: And I got my weapon!
Everyone but Syo, Yumi and Angie: WHAT!!!!
Angie nodded and Syo gave a thumbs up.
Kimura: Congratzs Syo!
Syo: Thanks man! (Syo had a huge smile)
Kai: Poor you Angie, falling in love with Syo. (Kai gave Angie an ‘I pity you’ look)
Syo: HUH?!?! Wanna go?!?!?! (Syo runs up to Kai)
Kai: Can’t you take a joke?
At the side with no bickering
Tree: Congrats Angie! I always knew you had the hot shots for Syo eyy.
Angie blushing: Tree..
Nuttie: Who would’ve thought a Lion and Tiger would date? Well I always knew you two were meant to be xD.
Angie: Thank you.
Bambi: Congrats♥
Angie: Thank you :3
Syo and Angie stood on the mini stage
Syo: So as most of you know.
Angie: We sent a message on Emessege to everyone to ask everyone to perfrom something today and everyone agreed so it seems like everyone will either be acting or singing and first up is a duet by well who do you guys want to go first?
Nuttie: You and Syo!
Yumi: Yeah!
Syo: Sure xD.
AN: This song is Just a Dream by Nelly and well its the cover with Sam and Christina so enjoy and listen to the song while reading this)
Angie: Let’s do this.
Syo: Yeah (he held Angies hand). The song we are singing is Just a Dream and we have Bambi helping out with the piano.
~Piano plays~
Syo: I was thinkin about you.
Thinkin bout me
Thinkin about us
What we gunna be
Open my eyes
(The group starts to snap)
Angie and Syo:
It was only just a dream
Syo spun and stepped back
Angie: So I traveled back down that road
Will you come back?
No one know
I realize, it was only just a dream♪
Syo goes on his knees then jumps up and Angie gves her hand while Syo tries to grab it she runs of into the curtains
Syo: I was at the top
Now it’s like im in the basement
Number 1 spot
Now you finding a replacment
I swear now that I can’t take it
Knowing somebody’s got my baby

Now you ain’t around baby I can’t think
I shoulda put it down, shoulda got that ring
Cuz I can still feel it in the air
See your pretty face
Run my fingers through your hair
Angie reappeared on stage facing Syo
My lover
My life Syo put his hand on Angie’s check slowly taking his hand of her check
My baby
My wife
You left me, I’m tight
Cuz I know that it just ain’t tight
Everyone starts to sing the chorus
Everyone: Cause I was thinkin about you.
Thinkin bout me
Thinkin about us
What we gunna be
Open my eyes
It was only just a dream
So I travel back down that road
Will you come back?
No one knows
I realize, it was only just a dream
Syo walks into the curtains
Angie: And I be ridin’
And I swear I see your face at every turn
I try to get my usher in but I can’t let it burn
And I hope you know that you’re the only one I yearn for
No longer I be missin will I learn

Didn’t give you all my love
I guess now I got my payback
Now I’m in the club thinking all about you baby
You were so easy to love
But wait, I guess that love wasn’t enough
I’m goin through it every time that I’m alone
And now I’m wishing that you’d pick up the phone
But you made a decision that you wanted to move on
Cuz I was wrong
Angie goes into the curtains
Everyone: Cause I was thinkin about you.
Thinkin bout me
Thinkin about us
What we gunna be
Open my eyes
It was only just a dream
So I travel back down that road
Will you come back?
No one knows
I realize, it was only just a dream
They both come back out together
If you ever loved somebody put your hand up x2 (everyone put their hands up)
And now they’re gone and your wishin you could give them everything oh,
Angie:If you ever loved somebody put your hand up x2
Syo:If you ever loved somebody put your hand up x2
Angie and Syo:And now they’re gone and your wishin you could give them everything oh,

Everyone: I was thinkin about you.
Thinkin bout me
Thinkin about us
What we gunna be
Open my eyes (Angie: Open my eyes)
It was only just a dream (Syo: It’s just a dream)
So I travel back down that road
(Angie: Travel back, Syo: Travel back)
When you come back?
(Angie: Down that road, Syo: Down that road)
No one knows (Syo: No one knows)
I realize, it was only just a dream (Syo: No, no, no, no)

I was thinkin about you
Thinkin bout me
Thinkin about us (Syo: Whooooo)
What we gunna be (Syo: Yeah)
Open my eyes….(Angie: Open my eyes,)
Open my eyes, (Syo: Open my eyes,)
It was only just a dream (Angie: It’s just a dream)

So I travel back down that road
Will you come back?
No one knows
I realize, (Syo: Realize)
it was only just a dream
(Syo: Baby it was only just, only just a dream)

Syo and Angie: Nooooo, oh
It was only just a dream.
Syo and Angie bowed down to the group and then with a moment of silence the two gave worried glances at each other then everyone started to applause.
Yumi: Woohoo! Great job!
Kimura: Great job!
Nuttie: Awesome!
Bambi: Amazing!
Tree: Your voices sound beautiful!
Kai: You did great.
Angie: Thank you! Thank you!
Syo: Thanks! And since I guess none of you want to go next we will draw a name from da hat!
Nuttie: I hope I don’t go next.
Syo shakes the hat.
Angie grabs a piece of paper from the hat.
Angie: The group thats going next is drumroll please.
Everyone drumrolls.
(Insert picture of Kai, Yumi and Tree perfroming)
Angie: The group that’s going next is……. Kai, Yumi-chan and Tree-chan!
Syo and Angie went off stage and Yumi, Kai and Tree went on stage.
Kai went into the curtains. (Authors Note: If you know the Indian Drama Bade Acche Lagte Hain this act is similar to the one Suhani, Piyu and Sammy did and the scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)
(You see Tree wearing alot of makeup and jewlary and a dress)
Kai goes into the curtains while Yumi laughs a bit until she saw Tree crying.
Yumi: Anjali, what are you wearing?
Tree: I just wanted to look like you.
Yumi: Why?
Tree: I wanted to be beautiful like you! And act like a…. Girl!
Yumi: But you are already beautiful!
Kai walk out of the curtains but Yumi and Tree don’t see him.
Tree: No I’m not! Did you see how the girls at school were laughing at me? I can’t even dress like a girl! I don’t even know how to wear makeup!
Yumi: Anjali..
Kai goes to Yumi and Tree.
Yumi and Tree: Rahul!
Kai: Anjali, I like you just the way you are and you know? You’re better then all those girls who laughed at you and better then me! I can’t believe I laughed at you? I like how your like one of the guys! Your the only girl who can play basketball and you…. Your beautiful just the way you are.
Tree: Rahul (Tree hugs Rahul) And you always cheat when we play basketball!
Kai: That’s not cheating!
Yumi starts to leave the scene when Kai grabs her hand and the two just look at each other ending the act and the curtains close and the three walk off stage and the audience start to applause.
Syo: Woohoooo!! Great job sis, Kai and Tree!
Angie: Your act was awesome!
Nuttie: Your act was magical!
Bambi: A piece of art!
Kimura: Awesome sauce!
Yumi and Tree: Thank you guys!
Kai: Thanks!
Angie and Syo go on stage.
Angie: Now their’s one act left!
Syo: The next act is…….. Nuttie, Bambi and Kimura!
The two walk of stage and the three go on stage.
(Me:This song is In My City by Priyanka Chopra ft Will I Am but I’m making it with three people xD)
Bambi: So the song we’re singing is called In My City and it was writtin by Nuttie!
Nuttie: I know you got your own town
I know you got your own ways
I know you got your own life
I’m just sayin’ come on down to my place

Bambi: Come on and make some new friends
And tell me what your drinkin’
I know there’s no place like home
But I know that your gonna like it in my city

Kimura, Bambi and Nuttie: Everybody’s welcome here
Everybody welcome to my city
We ain’t got no worries here
I know that your gonna like it in my city
You know you got a friend like me
You ain’t gonna wanna leave
Co-co-co-come on, co-co-co-come on
You ain’t never had a party
Till you come to a party in my city
Bambi and Nuttie do some dance moves, spin around then step back.

Kimura: Driving down to boulevard
Coming out inside my car
No sittin’ in my backyard
Let’s go for a ride
Come on and ride with me
We got some sights to see
Baby just come with me to my community
Come on let’s go, oh, let’s hit the road
Oh, turn up the radio
Blast the radio
Kimura spins around then steps back while Nuttie goes foward

Nuttie: We do it all night long
We got everything you and me
Music plays all night long
I know your gonna like it in my city
Bambi and Kimura go foward.
Everyone: Everybody’s welcome here
Everybody welcome to my city
We ain’t got no worries here
I know that your gonna like it in my city
You know you got a friend like me
You ain’t gonna wanna leave
Co-co-co-come on, co-co-co-come on
You ain’t never had a party
Till you come to a party in my city
Bambi takes a step foward for her part

Bambi: When you’re here the city’s yours (Kimura: Let the music play dance the night away. Eh eh eh eh eh eh)
Everybody in my city
Come on in, let’s enjoy (Kimura: Let the music play dance the night away. Eh eh eh eh eh eh)
Everyone: Everybody in my city
Come on and welcome to my city
Nuttie and Kimura step foward and everybody sings the chorus
Everybody’s welcome here
Everybody welcome to my city
We ain’t got no worries here
I know that your gonna like it in my city
You know you got a friend like me (Nuttie: you got a friend)
You ain’t gonna wanna leave
Co-co-co-come on, co-co-co-come on
You ain’t never had a party
Till you come to a party in my city
The three then walk of stage and everyone applaudes like crazy
Yumi and Tree: Great job!
Angie and Syo: That’s what I’m talking about baby!
Kai: Good job! Better then Syo :D.
Kai: I’m older then you haha xD.
Syo: Who cares (pouty face) I’m more mature then you, anyway Angie-chan lets go on the stage.
Angie: Okay Immature King ;).
Kai: Ha.
Syo: Not you too!
Syo and Angie walk on stage.
Syo: Thanks for coming to our tiny party.
Everyone but Syo and Angie: No problem!
~Timeskip to the park brought to you by~ Nuttie’s weird group! (Nuttie: What do you mean weird? Bambi: Yeah now I wanna hear this. Me: It’s weird that Nuttie went with you too. Bambi: Well that’s cause Nuttie found out. Me: Bout’? Nuttie: Nuttin’ (Get it Nuttie, Nothin) Me: Well I will find out soon wahahaha)

(Insert picture of Kai and Yumi-chan :D)
It was 8:30pm and Yumi was sitting on a swing thinking about her sister.
Yumi: How will I be able to even get my weapon? Will it be with emotion, over-coming something and even if I get it, what if I can’t defeat her and she wins! Game. Over. I can’t let that happen ever!)
Kai’s POV
I walk around untill I find Yumi at the park
Kai: No ones here except up. This is my chance and if I screw up. Nah don’t think bout it Kai. I think to myself while approching Yumi.
Kai: Hey Yumi. Could I talk to you for a sec? I ask Yumi snapping her out of her train of thought.
Yumi: Well your already doing it. She smiles at me, just like an angel.
Kai: Well this is for you. I said while giving her a small white box with a red ribbon.
Yumi: You didn’t have to get it anything!
Kai: Just open it dumby 😔😊
Yumi carefully opens the box.
Yumi: Oh. My. God. It’s beautiful! I love the earrings!
Kai: No problem and Yumi.
Yumi: Yeah?
Kai: I love you.
Episode 6
Last time on Wish
Kai: Just open it dumby 😔😊
Yumi carefully opens the box.
Yumi: Oh. My. God. It’s beautiful! I love the earrings!
Kai: No problem and Yumi.
Yumi: Yeah?
Kai: I love you.
Re-cap over
Kai’s POV
I finally said it after all these years.
Yumi: Did I just he-hear right? Yumi stuttered a bit
Kai: Yeah.
Yumi: Kai I-
I quickly hug her making her eyes waterey.
Kai: Think bout’ it and while you do act like this never happend okay?
Yumi nods as I dissapear within the shadows.
~Timeskip to the next day~
3rd person POV
Lunch at school.
Angie: Did you hear? The balls cancelled!🍣
Syo: What! I was so looking forward to it!🍣
Bambi: The dresses are wasted then.🍣
Nuttie: No! We should all celebrate New Years at someones house! 🍣
Kai: But who’s?🍣🍣
Que everyone looking at Yumi and Syo.
Yumi: You guys want to come to.. Our house?🍣
Syo: Yeah and maybe someone could bring Sake. Syo quietly 🍣wispeard to the group.
Tree: You know I’m not good with Sake!
Kimura: I’m fine with it and aren’t we too young to be drinking it.
Yumi: Not in my house.
Tree: Or mine.
Kai: Or mine.
Nuttie: Don’t forget me.
Angie: And me.
Bambi: Same, now a days if theirs Sake at home you just drink it..
Kimura: I get the point but we still shouldn’t drink it okay?
Everyone nodded.
Yumi: Hey why don’t we a little potluck?
Tree: Great Idea!
Yumi: It’s settled then, everyone bring something tomorrow since tommorow is New Year’s Eve :D… And also… Syo is Immature :D..
Angie and Kai chuckle.
Syo: Not you too! (Syo whines)
The whole room bursts into laughter.
Angie: Look’s like the dumb lion did it again.
Syo: HUH?!?! What’cha talking about Tiger Queen!?
Angie: I’m not a DRAMA Queen, Immature Diva!?
Angie: Bring it on SUCKER?!?!
The two make a face at each other and start to laugh even harder.
Nuttie: Let’s all go home and you know make something for tomorrow?
Bambi: Yeah.
Kai: So see you guys tomorrow?
Yumi: Yeah! Bye!
Everyone: Bye!!!!!!!
~Twinkles School/ Twinkles POV~



This is what you do when you have a laptop with no wifi so alot of free time.




30 thoughts on “Who Remembers Wish?

      1. No right now your shipped with one person
        And then something happens and yeah
        Two people BAM!
        Wait until episode 6 or 7 is completely written then you’ll understand who ONE of your ships are
        Hint hint
        I’m spoiling it

      2. Ight
        But let’s see if a ‘Mark’ comes in
        Lol before GOT7 when I wrote chapter 5 I was thinking about adding a character called Mark O.O creepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
        Also my friends brothers name is Mark 😛 Mark is like a baby lol

      3. Omggf the whole time I thought Yumi was Yuki. Omg I’m a fudging retard. And yea he does. Ok now everything is clear.
        Mark: your so slow.
        Tree: yah, shush.
        Mark: make me
        Tree: I can’t
        Mark:, why?
        Tree; Yuki is in the room.

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