That Random Moment PT 2


You post something about V’s hotness



And then Jungkook happens to show up


Ahh your evil smile TnnT




34 thoughts on “That Random Moment PT 2

      1. Tree: *wugs yuki*
        Mark: awww, see I told you. You didn’t need to curse the hell out of me, tho I found it cute.
        Tree: what ever. *plays that good good*
        Mark: are you gonna dance?
        Yugyeom: someone said dance.

      2. Tree: make who scream? Isn’t bammie oppa suppose to make you scream???
        Mark: oh god your so sexual
        Tree: wait, isn’t yuki scaring bammie oppa? Wait what?
        Mark: ohh……. *dances with the rest*
        Tree: *dances with mark oppa*

      3. Tree: *sings* Ohhhhhhh Oppa!
        Mark: *curses*
        Tree: *goes to hit Mark but gets stopped by Yugyeomie Oppa*
        Yugyeomie: nope
        Tree; why?
        Yugyeomie: its ok, its was gonna happen anyways, even if it was with me or JB hyung.
        Tree: ok.
        Mark: get your hands off her now.

      4. Tree: my soul is pure too. Its oppas fault.
        Mark: who can blame me. Have you seen your body?
        JB: hyung is right, tree is curvy.
        Yugyeom: it would have happened the first day
        Tree:*hides behind mark oppa* I’m scared now.
        Mark: your so cute when scared

      5. Mark: princess, come out I’m sorry.
        Tree:*comes out and goes to Jr. oppa*
        Jr: it’s OK tree, hyung won’t do anything, and he is the strongest he will protect you no matter what.
        Tree:*goes to mark oppa*
        Mark: thanks jr.
        Jr: mhm

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