{Note: This post is dedicated to Tree for giving me the idea}

Anyhow welcome back to Yuki’s awkward selfie show!!! Just joking! From all the pictures I have posted of myself on this blog I bet you’ve never seen my dimples! I tend to hide them for no reason 🙂

Dimples are cute though like many famous celebrities have them

Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, Drake, Ariana Grande and more American Celebrities

(EXO) Chanyeol, (BIG BANG) T.O.P, (EXO) Lay, (BTS) RapMonster, BoA, (SNSD) Taeyeon and more K-POP Idols

Here is my dimples :O

IMG_5103 <<< OMG YUKI GOT A NEW BEANIE (I got three new beanies 😛 )

Tell me if you can’t see it {I was listening to GD & CL while taking the picture}

When I take a picture with my dimples I feel like I look younger O.O

Strangeness 101, Alien Yuki has invaded



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