Morning & Moments

Suga: Gooood MORNing *voicr crack*

Jackson: Wang puppy greeting, have a great afternoon

DK: Night but before I got to sleep *sings mansae*


What do normal people do in the morning? Well for me I started my morning (I’m talking about after breakfast) with downloading Dirty Vibe (CL,GD,Skrillex) and then I started downloading a bunch of EXO songs and then GOT7 and then Ooh Ahh (twice) and now Mansae (seventeen) and now I think I’m going to download Miss A ‘Only You’ I might XP or I’ll download more got7 cause your just right right right right right xD OR I’ll download No More Dreams (BTS) or If You (BIG BANG)… Yeah I’ll download all three xD 



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