Best Idea Ever

Let’s say you wanted something that your mom would never get you unless it’s like what Chirstmas, Eid or your birthday? Well what if your birthday was coming soon and you wanted to do something that doesn’t cause money but you don’t think your mom would approve, so you ask for it as a gift? Well let’s say I wanted to audition for JYP, like the online auditions (I’ve been checking YG and JYP and JYP seems so colourful literally so many colours) but I wasn’t sure if my mom would let me cause let’s say out of 1-10,000 I actually made it , then we would talk from there but just auditioning, if I ask for it as a birthday gift (and maybe soon ice cream and cash ;)) she would probably say yes (80% chance of yes) because hey why not celebrate the fact that your going to be told to help out with rent in like 5years by getting a gift and enjoying your gift.



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