Adore U Tagged By Tree

Thanks Unni for tagging me :DD

Listen to Adore U by Seventeen while I make this list, XD

No Order

1.) Jackson Wang

Well first off, hes funny, talented, a hard worker, the mood maker and hes always happy! He’s someone I would want to be like. Actually I WANT to be like the girl version of him 😛

2.) Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

I was going to make them separate but its for the same reason I choose them haha. They’re hard workers, amazing, they donate to charity (like any good person) and they never give up! No matter what gets thrown at them, they stand tall! Also they’re pretty :))

3.) Priyanka Chopra & Deepika Padukone

Hey Priyanka might be a Bollywood actress but she’s in both Hollywood and Bollywood industries! She even has english songs like for example Exotic ft Pitbull!!! Shes amazing! Here listen to Exotic! Shes so pretty 😛


For Deepika is because well I just wanna be like her teehee Shes an amazing Bollywood Actress

4.) HyunA and BoA

First of HyunA got me into K-POP so she’s like amazing. Second of all BoA is like the Queen of K-POP! Thats what they call her actually so I want to be like them both, they’re very inspiring

5.) G-Dragon

Girl whos bias doesn’t inspire them 😛 Well anyways hes a Fashion Icon, A HIGHLY successful K-POP idol and hes amazing! Who doesn’t love him? He puts his emotions into his songs and he works his hardest! He’s been in the industry longer then alot of celebrities like for example Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez! He. Is. Life. #YOLO


I was suppose to do only 5 people haha

I tag:



Annabeth (Fantage Fangirls)





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