IntroStep Episode 2 : GOT7


Welcome to IntroStep!!! I’m your host Yuki, and today we will be introducing a band, well a K-POP band!!! If you didn’t know already K-POP means Korean Pop, so music in Korean, and I’m 100% sure all of you have heard of K-POP because well, you like Gangnam Style and possibly Gentleman now lets begin!

Wait before I do… GOT7 is a boy k-pop group with 7 (hot) members which you will fall in love with 😉

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Now first off lets have the basic profiles of the seven members, I repeat SEVEN members and trust me. They are handsome 🙂


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1.) The leader : JB


Full Name : Im Jae-Bum

Current International Age (November 2015) : 21

Birthday : January 6, 1994

Nationality : Korean

~Three Fun Facts~


Before GOT7, JB and another GOT7 member Jr (Now Junior) were a K-POP duo called JJ Project and here is a video of one of their songs BOUNCE ^.^


JB hates potatos but likes sweet potatos


JB’s specialty is B-Boying and I am pretty sure B-Boying is breakdancing, just incase you didn’t know 😉

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Full Name : Park Jin-Young

Current International Age : 21

Birthday : September 22, 1994

Nationality : Korean

~Three Facts~


His name is Jr because JYP and Jr share the same name, Park Jin-Young but later in 2015 Jr officially changed his name to Junior


His ideal type in a girl, is well a girl whos teeth show when she smiles 😀


In the GOT7 dorm, he has an entire bedroom to himself so… He doesn’t share a room!

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Full Name : Mark Tuan

Current International Age : 22

Birthday : September 4, 1993

Nationality : Taiwanese, American

~Three Facts~


Marks must have item in his bag is his IPad


Mark and Jackson once went to Taiwan together 😀


Mark’s favourite song in the Identity Album is “Moonlight”

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Full Name : Jackson Wang

Current International Age : 21

Birthday : March 28 1994

Nationality : Hong Kong, Chinese

~Three Facts~


Jacksons favourite nickname for himself is Wang Puppy


Jackson loves perfume


Jackson thinks girls who wear shirts that are bigger then them are cute 🙂

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Full Name : Choi Youngjae

Current International Age : 19

Birthday : September 17th, 1996

Nationality : Korean

~Three Facts~


His Statement (when they debuted) : Hello. I’m Youngjae who’s from Mokpo. I am the powerful lead vocal. It’s been seven months since entering JYP and I am the last member to join the team. It feels like a dream to be able to debut and I am joyful that the dream has come to life. It is just the beginning and I will become GOT7’s Youngjae who works hard to fulfill my dreams. Hwaiting!


He H A T E S cucumbers!!!


When GOT7 went to an outlet in LA, Youngjae bought gifts for all the members moms (Aww how sweet~)

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Full Name : Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Help…)

Current International Age : 18

Birthday : May 2nd, 1997

Nationality : Thai

~Three Facts~




Both BamBam and Mark are soup addicts


His ideal type is a girl with short brown hair who is shorter then him and she must be more cute then pretty 🙂

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Full Name : Kim Yugyeom

Current International Age : 17

Birthday : November 17, 1997

Nationality : Korean

~Three Facts~


His favourite musicians are G-Dragon and Chris Brown


Yugyeom’s statment : Hello! I am Kim Yoogyeom, in charge of dance and vocals and rap and I’m the maknae, although I do not look like I am. I like to dance and am confident in street dance the most. Because of our past trainee life where we shed our sweat and lived together as brothers, we are really happy that we are finally debuting together. Debuting together is a dream; it’s a cliche to say these words so I won’t say them. To the people who’ve supported us, we as a team thank you. In the future I want to always walk in the artist’s path happily and merrily! We will do our best to do everything humbly. Please watch~!^^


Yugyeom checks his fan taken pictures, he even saves some of them ^^

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~Some GOT7 Facts~

~GOT7’s debut song is Girls Girls Girls

~GOT7’s debut was on January 20th, 2014

~GOT7 has a show with so far 2 seasons called “Real GOT7”

~GOT7 had a short 12episode K-Drama called “Dream Knights”

(Watch the full episode on Drama Fever)


Listen to some songs by them?

^^^ Just Right

^^^ Like Oh

^^^ Follow Me



Thanks for viewing IntroStep! Now whos your GOT7 bias? (BamBam is mine forever ❤ )


I’m back from my one day break! And yes it HAS been 24hrs! I hope you enjoy this post!!!



21 thoughts on “IntroStep Episode 2 : GOT7

  1. Well…. I’m gonna go shopping and buy me a whole bunch of oversized shirts and cut my hair and eat soup….if ya know what I mean

      1. Well the only oversize shirts I own are probably t-shirts and pajama TnT
        My hair goes halfway down my back TnTTTT
        But….i like soup tho
        and noooo Bammie and I were meant to be

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