Congratulations, I’m actually back for two hour and then I leave AGAIN. Hope your all happy, right now, I honestly hate this day and apparently its the ‘Best Day Ever’ because I didn’t play K-POP at lunch (cries) well honestly at lunch and after I was feeling in a bad mood until I went to my main class (I was laughing so hard). Well now I come home, go places, turn on my laptop and BAM! Back to square 1 at lunch again. Enjoy life 🙂 And because of the same reasons at last time, I’ve decided for another break. Yeah.




Yeah… No. Haha, did I get you? But this is all true, I feel like my glasses lost its luck (I consider my glasses, lucky) but hey, it could have been worse. Thanks for reading this post with my ‘bad’ side, enjoy.



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