my new profile picture


so it might not show up until about an hour or so but this is what it looks like:


made this on pixlr XD

i like it :>

it’s mostly blue XD

my old profile picture:

thats me before SOMEONE SOLD THE BB HAIR THAT COSTED 30,000 GOLD AND I WAITED FOR SO LONG TO GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: from now on nobody shall share my account except for twinkels because she has the 3 days thing from a raffle. idk if the 3 days are over XD

this is me when i get mad:

-sells chalk board for 100,000-



im not selling it for 100,000 anymore

i brought it down to like 30,000

and i wont bring it down any further.

ooh i refreshed and its there :> ok bye



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