A message. <3

Unicorns & Glitter & Everything In Between

I really wanna say thank you to three people. ❤

First, Elysia.

Tysm for supporting me. It means so much and ily girl. 😀

Second, pandaflower11.

Tysm for always being there for me and liking all my posts. Ily my only panda bae. ❤

Third, Cutiecake.

I don’t know you too well, but I know that you are always the first one to offer to buy something from someone and to help a friend out with gold. You were the first to offer me help with gold and you just spammed me a lot XD . So, its my turn to do something for you. ❤

All three of you get five hundred gold.

I am going to thank more people, but I won’t be able to give them gold. I may when I get some more, which might not happen unless I win something cuz I sold a lot…

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