The Infinity Dream Award : Answers

Thank you Cherry-Chan for nominating me!

I’ll only answer for now 😛

Do you like Starbucks?


Coffee or hot chocolate?

Ice cappuccino is the closest thing I have had to coffee so~~ Hot Chocolate

What’s your favourite fruit?

Mango & Peach

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like fantage?

5-7, it’s getting worse 😛

What’s your dream in life?

My dream? I want to be a successful international Singer/Actress/Rapper who sings both K-POP and English so everyone around the world knows me 🙂 Also to have (romantic stuff) true love, with someone who can sing/rap and hopefully also and Korean 😛

If you could travel in time and be any age you wanted to be, what age would you choose?

Depends. If everyone else around the world would have the same age as before I would like to be 24 :PP If not, then I would like to be 18

Do you like mymall? Yes or no, and why?


What’s your favourite kind of poptart?

*hides* I see commercials but I’ve never tried one

What’s your favourite hair on fantage?

The princess hair from codys and umm this kitty hair

Do you like pugs?

Is that a dog?

Is this the last question?

Idk, you tell me ;P



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