What I Hate Hearing PT1

1.) Someone calling Manga something else. So one time in class (dududu) I had a manga book, well two but one of them was Mixed Vegetables (don’t laugh) and people (aka classmates) kept saying why do you read books about food, and I’m like “__ reads it too!” And anyhow in one class my friend called Manga, Mango continuously and I have no clue why (nvm I do) but I just got irritated and I kept a straight face on and stuff XP she stopped, realizing xDD

2.) Someone calling my love (bias) a girl or even asking “Is that a girl” 

So that picture is my phones lock screen background and I show people who G-Dragon is (since he’s super famous) and they ask me if he’s a girl or they say he looks like a girl making me annoyed XP but unlike some people I have learned to control my anger so I would, in a joking matter say “NOOO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING BOUT?” while on the inside I’m saying “HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A GIRL!!”

3.) I hate k-pop. Don’t say that to me. I know you have your opinions, you can say I dislike k-pop but never include the hate word.

4.) “How can you read a book from right to left?” Okay hello? Manga is an amazing creation and right to left is cool! Reading different from others, while shipping random people or rooting the hero to fight back and stuff.



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