Story Time: K-POP In Math? Lunch?

So in math class my classmates kept urging me to sing, in korean while poor little me was doing my math work (on the computer) and helping two other friends (classmates) 😛 One kid he kept saying “Sing a K-POP song!” When he says I’m crazy for liking K-POP 😛 I of course call him crazy too >.< One of my friends kept “Sing in Korean, please please please!” And how did this start? Well in math class we get to listen to music while we work and I was listening to my soundcloud playlist (YouTube was so laggy) and Bang Bang Bang was on okay? And I started singing Seungri’s Part (I memorized it) and then they looked at me like “How do you sing Korean?” and my friend (who dislikes alot of stuff, and K-POP excluding Fantastic Baby (everyone loves that song)) shes like “When you sing it, its different.” I’m literally like  “The heck, how?”

At lunch I was in the cafeteria with my friend and she said she would listen to K-POP after I put on ONE english song aka Drag Me Down and when Good Boy started playing I started singing the chorus and people were staring at me 😛 maybe even the principal and my friends like “Stop!” I’m like “I don’t care 😛 K-POP is LIFE!” Hahaha, I will never change XD

I also won’t change the fact that I keep listening to this song 😛

(That Good Good by Luhan)

Isn’t my Ex EXO-M Bias amazing? 😛 He still is my EXO-M bias bwahahaha :PP

luhann <<< How old do you think he is? (Picture from 2015) No cheating!



7 thoughts on “Story Time: K-POP In Math? Lunch?


  1. For homecoming, the 11th graders in our school danced to Kpop songs in their performances
    I live in a community with many Asians so it’s no surprise to hear kpop music blasting everywhere I go

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