IntroStep Episode 1: “Intro”

Welcome to IntroStep! You new, online blogging show! What we do on this blog is tell you about famous people! From Ariana Grande to Zedd… Wrong! We tell you about famous K-POP stars and maybe just maybe American singers, just cause some of you don’t know much about them! But sometimes we might throw in someone that isn’t in the K-POP industry, like Taylor Swift for example might appear on episode 5, and then Melanie Martinez might appear on episode 10 or something! It’s just a small twist! Or if you guys really want a specific person for an episode then all you have to do is ask in the comment section below! Or fill the form out at the end of post, and we (why do I say we when its just Yuki) aka Yuki aka I might put your chosen celebrity in an episode! I plan to have minimum 1 episode a week! This might change and have a schedule of two episodes a week, one for k-pop and one for random (American,J-POP, etc) So stay tuned for the next episode!

I’ll just tell you quickly in jot notes what you should expect in each episode

  • Basic Info (Real Name, Age, Birthday, etc)
  • Facts you might have not know about them
  • The celebrities picture
  • A song by the celebrity
  • ~Random~
  • A form (like I said before)
  • And more!

Before I end this, if you want to help me with this show or an episode just comment below!

Want your celebrity to be in an episode? Just let me know in this form or let me know in the comment section below!



7 thoughts on “IntroStep Episode 1: “Intro”

  1. This looks like it could be interesting.
    I’ve never listened to K-Pop before, so maybe this could help introduce me to it. Or something.
    I’d totally help you out, but I don’t listen to much mainstream music, so I don’t really know what to say xD

      1. Vocaloids, some cover artists on YouTube, XI, Ice, M2U… Other people you’ve probably never heard of… Lol
        Actually, I listen to Marina and the Diamonds too, so maybe that would count as a celebrity? Not sure.

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