100 Followers Raffle Results!


So not as many had entered as expected so sorry to burst your bubble! Only one person will win *hides* Anyhow the winner is









~A Post All About You~

(Will be posted on a certain date of your choice :P)

~A Custom Header~

(Will be given in November since I have three headers to make)

~A YouTube Video About You~

(Yeah last time, a long time ago I did this but I lost internet at home so I wasn’t able to do this, but now I can :D)

~A Custom Signature~

(Animated or Nah?)

~Mystery Prize~

~A prize of your choice~

~My fantage account for the month of Dec-Jan~

(I will use it for a range of 5 mins, max :P)

~An Art Drawing Of Your Choice~



(Haha you will see what this is)

~One Prize not listed here~

(Tell me the prize you want that isn’t listed)



39 thoughts on “100 Followers Raffle Results!

  1. Oh! Yuki I’m really busy with homework so I don’t check on Fantage much, which means I rarely play your account you can probably let Panda-Chan use it now ( for an early access or something)

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