Which K-POP Debut Was Better? BTS vs GOT7

Hello welcome to Yuki’s Dreams and todays topic will be about debuts, well K-POP debuts. I’ll do american later XD So let me know in the comments!

Todays round is BTS No More Dream VS GOT7 Girls Girls Girls!


What do I think? I think GOT7 won! Why? Girls Girls Girls was more upbeat and catchy to me! Who do you think won?


39 thoughts on “Which K-POP Debut Was Better? BTS vs GOT7

  1. You’ve got guts girl. How can you put BTS against GOT7? I’m torn…because IGOT7 and I’m ARMY. It’s terrible. I loved GOT7’s debut, but sorry, BTS captivated me from the moment I saw it. No More Dream is the clear winner. Sorry, Jungkook-Oppa beat out Bam Bam.

      1. I know, Bam Bam isn’t even my bias from GOT7, I was just saying, lol. You can’t have Jungkook. You can’t have ANY of BTS. I’ve saved Jin for HibiscusPanda, but if it goes south with Rapmon, Jungkook is next. You have been fairly warned.

      2. How old are you? Lol, just wondering. Have fun with that. I took a vow when I started martial arts not to use my ninja skills against others, but I swear I will snap someone neck is they want to go against me and my bias. Lol, it’s fun.

      3. Oh. Well, how about that. I didn’t know you guys were that young. GIRRRRLLLL you don’t have a chance with Jungkook. He’s only two years older than me, lol.

      4. Nope, I love in the US. I wished I lived in Korea. I only think I’d be around 17-18 in Korea because of what I’ve heard watching drama and such. I don’t actually know. I’ll go to Korea some day. It’d be cool but hard being a trainee, but I’d commit, lol.

      5. Tree: *pats yugyeomie oppa*
        Yugyeom: thanks tree
        Tree: I like yugyeomie oppa more cause he is a giant, like me, he dances like me, and he is more sexier than kookie.

        I love you kookie!!!!
        Yugyrom: don’t let mark hyung hear you!!
        Mark: hear what?

      6. Yugyeom: BYEE YUKI AND TREE *runs away*
        Mark: Tree? Tell me
        Tree: Tell you what?
        Mark: *sighs and looks at Yuki* Sis, tell me now.
        Yuki: Oppa (older brother NOT boyfriend) umm…
        Mark: 5, 4, 3, 2-
        Yuki: TREE SAID YUGYEOM IS S***!!!

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