My Favourite K-POP Songs with MVs!

Mika's Notebook

Yay! Two posts in one day! Anyhow, I’ll be telling you a few of my favourite K-POP MV’s so this post is similar to the last post! MV stands for Music Video!

~ BTS – We Are Bulletproof pt 2

They should a darker side of themselves in this MV! It was really cool! I liked Jimin’s part, nice shorts! I seriously wonder how RapMon raps like that.

~ GD x Taeyang – Good Boy

Taeyang is my BIG BANG bias but anyways I really like this song, its too catchy! I like the chorus for Taeyang’s part!

~ GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls

This was GOT7’s debut song and I must say, the song is amazing! I love the chorus this song, sorry GOT7 itself is addicting!


Okay the way this songs MV was made is unbelievable! It’s cool how they all are different things…

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