Welcome To Yuki’s Dreams!

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Welcome to Yuki’s Dreams! A place filled with: Music, Life, Anime and More!


On behalf of the staff, I hope you enjoy your stay!


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The Story

-Chapter One: Staff

-Chapter Two: Intro

-Chapter Three: Community

-Chapter Four: Shop


Epilogue: Xat

X1. No advertising

X2. No bullying, harassing or hate speeches

X3. No sharing personal info

X4. Gets three warnings before blocking

X5. Follow the rules and enjoy chatting!


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78 thoughts on “Welcome To Yuki’s Dreams!

  1. Just what I was looking for!!! I watch Anime, Korean drama, and sometimes K-pop. I often ( always ) listen Miku!!! You’re Otaku, are you?? I speak Japanese, because my mom is it ☺. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ I’d like to live there forever!! ( I’ll still going to travel around the world xD) I’ll be posting a lot of comments!

    1. Yay! I am an otaku xD and your lucky! I once tried learning Japanese but then went to learn Korean xD I might try to learn Japanese after I learn Korean xDD I wanna travel around the world and be a kpop idol xD

  2. Cool!! Did you saw Vampire Knight, Silver Spoon or Fate Stay Night as Animes? Or did you saw Boys Over Flowers as a Korean Drama? Happy there’s an Otaku! I would like to have a collection of Anime stuff but I’m still too young to have a job xD.

  3. Vampire Knight was awesome!! The only tiny problem of korean dramas is that they last about 1h+ OuO, then you can’t stop watching them. My record was 5h non stop, and my friend, 20h!!! I was like 😲 OMG! Seriously??!

  4. I didn’t know it means happiness. I’m learning to write Japanese right now (kanjis). My name is from an Anime named Fate Stay Night, but right now, I’m really into Aldnoah.zero xD. Saber is prononced seyba Lol. And it isn’t my real name either. I was selena26886, but got bored ( Fantage name). //Sigh// Why did I call myself selena26886? I took that name randomly…
    Oh and sorry for answering really late 😯.

      1. I do play, but thinking of quitting…I don’t want to spend too much time on the computer. I started on 2009 so I know Fantage pretty well 😄. I should watch Fairy Tail. A lot of people say it’s a nice Anime 😊. I’ll be watching it!! You should see Aldnoah.zero! I’m like addicted to it right now O oi.

  5. Right!! I liked Just Right (lol), and more xD. I suggest Butterfly on your right shoulder, by Kagamine Rin and Len 👍💞💞💞

  6. YUKI!!! SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENED!!! I didn’t know, but there was a BigBang concert at Toronto, and I live 2-3 hours from there!! It was on October 13th and wasn’t aware of it!! Now, I missed it!!! //cries//

  7. I’m late for answering again!!! >~<! Sorry! And yes, I live in Canada…ono. BigBang gone. //cries a river//. Also, I finally decided to follow!!! I don't know if it added me to the followers. Can you confirm please? And thanks for next time!! I'll definetely see the next concert!

  8. U ̄ n, anata wa nihongo o hanasu nodesu ka? Watashi wa isshu no machigatte iru to omou gūguru no hon’yaku o shiyō suru hitsuyō ga arimasunode, sore wa watashi ga sore o kaku koto wa dekimasen kōnyū hanasu koto ga dekimasu.

  9. Hey Yuki! I was wondering if you could take me off your blog, please. Since I can barely keep up with my blog, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up here to as well. Thank you

  10. wheres the video you psoted taht you dsng blank sspace? its really good!!

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