Every Boy Account I Have

Sorry not every 😛 Did I set your hopes too high XDD I have made many accounts anyhoo here are some names:





I used the first and last ones for FMV’s here you can watch three of the ones I made

Haha horrible right? Well tbh I like the first one XD



6 thoughts on “Every Boy Account I Have

  1. Mine are… Theblueyoshi01 (main boy), SuperiorSeth, and JoeyWheeler, but I forgot the password and used a fake email for Joey =_=

      1. What can I say? He’s my child.
        I also kinda made him as my “ideal” character in a story, so there’s that. LOL

      2. You don’t really ask someone what is their personality. Seth is pretty complex IMO and if I were to say everything about him you’d be bored within a quarter of explaining XP

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