100 Followers Giveaway

Huge giveaway! I think 😛 Anyhow its not gold since again I am broke and I also just had a giveaway so I’m stupid right *crowd nods*? Haha ty now lets begin.

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So the way to enter is:

Follow This Blog

Comment “100 FG”

Like This Post

Comment Your Email (Prizes will be sent to your email, if not posted)

Re-Blog (If you can)

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Prizes? Well stupid prizes but I hope you enter for fun! It’s similar to the prizes for the 90 followers giveaway so yeah~

~A Post All About You~

(Will be posted on a certain date of your choice :P)

~A Custom Header~

(Will be given in November since I have three headers to make)

~A YouTube Video About You~

(Yeah last time, a long time ago I did this but I lost internet at home so I wasn’t able to do this, but now I can :D)

~A Custom Signature~

(Animated or Nah?)

~Mystery Prize~

~A prize of your choice~

~My fantage account for the month of Dec-Jan~

(I will use it for a range of 5 mins, max :P)

~An Art Drawing Of Your Choice~



(Haha you will see what this is)

~One Prize not listed here~

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So 3 winners 😀 Will be randomized either 7 times or 18 times! 😀

So please enter, XD


28 thoughts on “100 Followers Giveaway

      1. Lol, she’s my littlest sister. She was like…around 1 or 2 when it was made. Now I’m going to be 16 in December and I’m stuck with this email address…

      2. Lol, I’m just too lazy, but not really lazy. I don’t really use my email for too much anyway since most of my family and friends are on Facebook and through Goodreads anyway.

      3. Lol, I don’t know what you would do on Facebook if you don’t talk to people…
        Goodreads is a book website, but I’m part of this K-Pop and K-Drama group on there are we talk about K-Pop and stuff. You can also post your writing if you like to write stories, though I prefer Wattpad for that.

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