Three Of My Favourite Type Of Hats

So I don’t actually own many hats *everyone gasps* I own two. Well one, since I can’t find one of them TnnT but anyways I’ll tell you some of my favourite types of hats XD

1.) Beanies

So one of the hats I own is a slouchy beanie, if you read Winter Shopping then you would see me wearing it! But anyhow I really, really love beanies! It’s so cute and fashionable!

beanie beanie2

2.) Baseball Caps

So this baseball cap is the hat that I lost 😛 Anyhow it’s really cute, and can go with practically any casual wear!

baseball cap baseball caps

3. Winter Hats/Knitted Hats

Idk the exact name 😛 But I’ll just call it Knitted Hats I guess 😛 It looks really cute and its great for the winter! Just look at it!



That’s it for now! Should I continue doing things like this? Let me know!



30 thoughts on “Three Of My Favourite Type Of Hats

  1. I wear these monster themed beanies all the time, but it’s more because of the fact that I’m actually too lazy to do something with my (albeit short) hair than that I actually really like them.

      1. I know, I know. Sometimes I think I’m lazy, but then I think about how much work I put into school, how much time I spend on my blog, how much thought goes into my writing, how much I work to learn my favorite K-Pop dances, how much I torture myself for the sake of Taekwondo and then I’m lack, nah, I’m not lazy.

      2. I think I can act in measly things, but I don’t do anything like plays or stuff. I can’t rap, definitely can’t rap, but I don’t think I sing too bad. I can’t freestyle dance…ever, but if you give me K-Pop choreography, I’ll learn it in a heartbeat. It usually takes in between one day and one week to learn an entire K-Pop song, with the exception of BTS’s Dope, which is taking me months to learn, even longer with my foot situation.

      3. Well I work on it consecutively for hours, lol. I sweat so much, so I can turn anything into a workout. Since I love dancing I just dance on days that I don’t have Taekwondo. Sistar’s Touch My Body was the very, very first K-Pop dance I learned and that took me a couple of weeks working on it everyday, but after that, I got down Give it to Me within a day, EXID’s Up and Down took me no time at all and Ah Yeah wasn’t even that difficult after you get the main butterfly move down. The boy bands are harder, but that just means that I have to work harder for them. Good luck though! Fighting!

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